A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 774

Another muffled thunder struck, and many people trembled again and shouted loudly.
The eyeballs of Qiu Muying and others widened immediately, and their pupils shrank.
In my heart, there is a storm sweeping!
However, this is not over yet.
After the following several rich families and young people all revealed their identities.
In the end, I saw a woman with red lips like fire, eyebrows like ink, and three thousand green silks, carrying a seven-foot long skirt.
With the appearance of a sinking fish and falling geese, with the appearance of a closed moon and a shameful flower.
When the lotus step moves lightly, there is endless grace and luxury.
Just like the fairy who had fallen into the world, she quietly appeared like this.
The next moment, the loud voice of a child resounded everywhere again. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Jianghai Chen Family Patriarch, Jiangdong King Chen Ao daughter, Chen Nan is here!”
When Chen Ao’s name sounded, everyone felt that there was thunder.
In my heart, there was a terrible storm.
Everyone, completely confused.
Jiang…Jiangdong King, Chen…Chen Ao?
Even the daughter of the Chen family has arrived?
Many people stared their eyes, watching the dignified and majestic people slowly approaching, and countless people were so frightened that they gasped with air-conditioning.
The whole body trembled greatly, because of shock, his eyes almost jumped out.
Who would have thought that a celebration that was supposed to be a small one would eventually attract the crowds of heroes to congratulate them, and the crowns would be gathered?
Although it is only a few wealthy families, wealthy princes. However, the power and background they represent are undoubtedly comparable, half Jiangdong!
When everyone trembled, Qiu Muying and Wang Qiaoyu’s mother and daughter were completely stunned.
Their eyes were staring, their bodies trembled, and there was a terrible wave in their hearts.
Especially Wang Qiaoyu, his old face was pale, and his face was indifferent, Wang Qiaoyu was almost frightened by the identities.
At this moment, her ears seemed to recall what Ye Fan said just now.
How rich is the Wang Family in Haozhou?
The son of the Lei family in Jingzhou?
Jiang Hai Chen family’s daughter?
It’s in, it’s all in.
All the people Ye Fan said before have arrived.
Is this a coincidence?
Or, these people are really aiming at Ye Fan’s home?
Thinking of this, Wang Qiaoyu’s brain buzzed directly, and even if his whole body twitched, there was an incomparable shock in his heart that swept across.
Qiu Muying was equally panicked, her mouth wide open until she was gasping.
A pair of beautiful eyes is also full of panic and horror.
At this moment, she turned her head and looked at her mother.
Looking at each other!
Obviously, both mother and daughter thought about the same possibility?
When Qiu Muying and others were panicked and fearful.
In the hotel hall, there was silence.
Deathly silence.
The hall of Nuo Da is silent!
The Lei family in Jingzhou, the Wang family in Haozhou, the Chen family in Jianghai, which are in Jiangdong, do not have a good reputation.
The prestige and status of these wealthy families are no weaker than the head of the government in charge of a city.
Just like Wu Yong’s father, when he saw Li Erye of the Li family, he had to treat each other equally.
After all, if you want long-term stability in Jiangdong, you can’t do without the support and support of these leading bigwigs and powerful influencers.
What’s more, families with solid backgrounds like the Lei family in Jingzhou, among their families, there are many military and political leaders who are higher than Wu Yong’s father.
Now they have also sent people here. Among those present, who is not surprised, who is not trembling?
“Wen Fei, these… these people are also… you invited?” Qiu Guang was almost frightened at the time, trembling all over, and stammering.
This special mother, Qiu Guang felt at the time that the entire Jiangdong dignitaries were almost moved by their Qiu family.
Father Qiu was undoubtedly not calm at this time, and he started to panic.
This situation is like a landlord’s old fortune in ancient times. The local rich came to congratulate him. The old man felt happy and lively. If the officials come to congratulate him, the old man feels pleasantly surprised, honored, and the scenery is boundless.
But now, the Emperor Lao Tzu has come to congratulate, so it is not a surprise and honor, but fright and fear!
In this hall, the mood of the Qiu family at this time is undoubtedly the same.

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