A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 785

However, just when Lei Aoting was full of panic and apologized to Ye Fan.
With only a bang, the door of Mu Fan’s estate was kicked open.
Immediately afterwards, more than a dozen public servants who made costumes and dresses appeared like a tide, and even directly poured in.
These people were expressionless and aggressive. After entering the door, they pushed aside the company security guards in front of them. Then, facing the guests in front of them, they asked harshly, “Who are you the legal representative of this company, Qiu Mucheng?”
“Yes… it’s me, what’s wrong?”
This sudden change surprised everyone present.
Qiu Mucheng’s face was immediately pale, and she suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart.
“Hello, we are the Public Security Bureau of Yunzhou City. After being reported by the masses, you are suspected of illegal business operations.”
“Please show your business license and cooperate with the investigation.”
It was a middle-aged man who was talking, but his resolute face was with a kind of majesty that was not angry and self-prestigious. First URL m.
This person is the leader of this group of people, named Wang Lin.
“Illegal business?”
“Did you make a mistake?”
“I just checked last time, and want to check again?”
Du Juan, Qiu Mucheng’s assistant, immediately asked angrily.
Last time, Wang Xingduo used this as a reason to seize Mufan’s real estate.
But how long has it been since? Didn’t Dujuan have been reported again, or the same crime?
“Which conscientious bastard is he who always framed us?”
“I said, comrades, before you do this, shouldn’t you figure out, is it a false accusation?”
“We are holding an opening ceremony now, you are like this, so that our company da3827b4 can’t get off the stage?”
The cuckoo was full of resentment.
After all, whoever encounters such a thing at the opening ceremony will feel angry and bad luck?
“Fa is not merciful!”
“From the moment you were operating illegally, you should have such awareness.”
“Please cooperate with the investigation immediately.”
Wang Lin said in a deep voice.
In the deep words, there was unquestionable majesty.
“You~” Du Juan and the others became even more angry. It hasn’t been investigated yet, as if they had been convicted.
“Dujuan, go to my office and give out the business license to several police officers.”
The people did not fight with the officials, Qiu Mucheng, in a calm attitude, immediately asked Du Juan to take out all the documents required by Wang Lin and others.
“This license, is it real?”
Wang Lin obviously didn’t expect that this Mufan Real Estate had actually taken out the certificates.
However, according to the information he received, Mufan Real Estate should not have obtained this approval.
“Officer Wang, should the misunderstanding be resolved now?”
“My Mufan Real Estate has always been a law-abiding enterprise. In order to obtain these certificates, we almost closed business for several months.”
“I don’t know who is behind maliciously targeting our Mufan real estate.”
“But I hope that Police Officer Wang will be aware of the details and give us justice and innocence!”
Qiu Mucheng was neither humble nor overbearing, and said to Wang Linyi righteously.
For a while, Wang Lin’s old face was blue and red, and he was obviously unable to get off the stage, and he didn’t know how to answer.
Later, he went out to make a phone call with an excuse.
“Master, something went wrong.”
“Mufan’s real estate documents are complete and there is no illegal operation.”
“How is this possible?”
“How could Wang Xingduo give them the approval of Mufan Real Estate?” A woman was surprised and surprised on the phone.

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