A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 786

It was obviously Qiu Muying, after hearing Wu Yong’s speech with Wang Lin, she suddenly surprised.
Wang Lin’s face went dark at the time: “Is that Wang Xingduo who is in charge of industry and commerce? He has been slapped down a long time ago. The real estate sector was out of his control half a month ago.”
After a short silence.
Wu Yong lowered his voice and said slowly: “Uncle Wang, the process is not important. What I want to see is just a result. You should understand what I mean.”
Soon, Wang Lin had hung up the phone and returned to Mufan Real Estate Company again.
“Several comrades, if everything is fine, shouldn’t they leave?”
“You are here, it affects the mood of our guests.” Du Juan obviously has no good attitude towards these people. Every time they appear, there is no good thing.
However, Wang Lin shook his head and said in a low voice: “Mr. Qiu, the people have reported more than illegal operations to Mufan’s company. There is also tax evasion, and fire safety is not up to standard.”
“Anyway, please ask Mr. Qiu to come with us?”
“Don’t worry, when we investigate, if it is a false accusation, Mr. Qiu will definitely be innocent.”
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“In addition, all the company managers and senior executives, all cooperate with the investigation!”
Wang Lin gave an order, and the people behind him stepped forward, controlled Qiu Mucheng, and handcuffed him away. The rest of the people rushed forward to arrest the other executives of Mufan Real Estate.
On the day of opening, the company’s boss was tortured for investigation, and a group of executives were taken away in one go. This is undoubtedly a very embarrassing thing.
For a time, people within the company were panicking.
The passers-by onlookers outside pointed and pointed, and many people sighed with emotion.
It’s really bad luck!
Just a few minutes ago, Mufan Real Estate attracted all nations to celebrate.
But who would have thought that the situation would take a turn for the worse after a few minutes, and the company’s boss would be directly tortured, and all the executives would be taken away to cooperate with the investigation.
This undoubtedly complied with a sentence, seeing her rise from a tall building, seeing her banquet guests, seeing her, the building collapsed!
“What to do, what to do~
“Mucheng, what the hell did you commit~”
“On the happy day of opening, did you run into such unlucky things?”
Han Li couldn’t take care of the fiery pain on her face. After seeing such a change, she was undoubtedly panicked.
The last time they were investigated, it was only those of Wang Xingduo, who had no right to send Qiu Mucheng to jail.
But these people in front of him were enough to send Qiu Mucheng into prison.
If Qiu Mucheng was arrested, how would their family live in the future?
For a time, the entire Mufan property was undoubtedly messed up. The anxious tears of Han Li and his wife almost shed.
Lei Aoting, Wang Yuchen and others did not speak, nor could they speak. After all, this is Yunzhou, and their clan power is no longer here.
What’s more, Mr. Chu is here, in which round will they be shot?
“Brother Xiao Fan, don’t you save sister Qiu?” At this time, Chen Nan was a little worried about Qiu Mucheng’s situation, and asked Ye Fan softly.
Ye Fan sat quietly without saying a word, watching and listening.
The person behind the scenes has not yet appeared.
Now, it’s not time for him to take action.
This time, Ye Fan had to see, who on earth was targeting Mufan Real Estate? Who is it, targeting his Ye Fan’s wife?
Ye Fan lifted the tea and drank lightly, but no one noticed that at this time, Ye Fan’s eyebrows were already as cold as ice.
However, seeing Ye Fan look like this, Han Li and his wife were so angry that they wanted to kick it over.
Wife is about to be taken away by cfcfe4d2. Is this useless and still thinking about drinking tea here?

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