A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 798

“You are blind.”
“I haven’t seen Wu Yong have gone, are you still here in a daze?” At this time, Wang Donglai also kicked over and kicked Wang Tian.
Wang Donglai gritted his teeth with anger as he watched his son like a goose.
I wondered how my fame came to an end and gave birth to such a stupid son? !
No wink at all!
After being kicked by his father, Wang Tian naturally didn’t dare to say anything, wiped his tears and got up from the ground and ran over to Ye Fan begging for mercy.
Looking at the two people who were still showing off their power before, they were embarrassed and apologized to Ye Fan again and again like dogs. Everyone was stunned.
There is no doubt that the heart is terribly trembling, almost set off a monstrous wave!
I wondered where Ye Fan was so sacred that Wu Weitao and the others were so respectful?
Could it be that this seemingly ordinary young man is today, the real big shot? Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
When everyone was shocked, Ye Fan was still very calm.
Faced with the panic begging for mercy from the two leading sons of Wu Weitao and Wang Donglai, Ye Fan didn’t pay attention to them at first, and after hanging them out for a while. He just picked up the teacup and took a sip of tea.
Afterwards, Ye Fan turned his head and chuckled at Wu Yong and the two: “Don’t beg me, it’s my wife that you should beg of.”
“It’s my wife who should apologize.”
“I’m just a door-to-door son-in-law, a poor family in the country, what good is it for you to ask me?”
“The head of Mufan Real Estate is my wife.”
“You are right to beg her!”
“Furthermore, it was my wife who was wronged, and it was my wife who was arrested. You owe her, not me.”
“The most you should do is to ask her forgiveness.”
“Of course, if my wife doesn’t forgive you, then I can’t help.”
Ye Fan said calmly, but the chill and coldness in the words were very vivid.
Obviously, Ye Fan has decided that if his wife doesn’t forgive them, whether they care about whose son they are, Ye Fan will never let it go!
At this time, Wu Yong and Wang Tian had been frightened. They naturally didn’t dare to disobey Ye Fan’s words, so they turned around and asked Qiu Mucheng.
“Mr. Qiu, we have no eyes~”
“We were wrong.”
“We are all bewitched by villains.”
“It’s all Qiu Muying, it’s the idea of ​​the Qiu family~”
Wang Tian couldn’t take care of that much now, and he poured all the dirty water on the heads of Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei.
After all, Wang Tian is not a fool either. He can see that the useless Mufan real estate that was previously belittled by Qiu Muying and others has a big background.
Otherwise, Wu Weitao would not be allowed to come to congratulate him!
Wang Tianton felt regretful, and would not have used this muddy water with Wu before he knew it.
A small house in Mufan not only sent people to worship Jiangdong’s rich men, but even the Yunzhou Municipal Party Committee personally came to congratulate!
Thinking of this, Wang Tian was undoubtedly more panic.

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