A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 801

“Yes, grandpa, please persuade the third sister.”
“Otherwise, our Qiu family is really going to fall~”
Qiu Muying was undoubtedly panicked at this moment, and she couldn’t care about any face, turned around and said to the old man Qiu quickly.
Facing the persuasion of everyone from the Qiu family, Father Qiu undoubtedly looked extremely ugly.
It was green and white, how embarrassing it would be.
For a long time, Qiu Mucheng had been regarded as a shame to their Qiu family, and it was an existence that everyone in the Qiu family disdained.
At the beginning, the old man Qiu even spoke in person, sweeping Qiu Mucheng’s family out.
Now, let him be an old man, bow his head to an abandoned girl in the Qiu family?
This is undoubtedly putting him on the fire!
How did Mr. Qiu pull down that old face?
In the end, when Qiu Guang and others tried to persuade him, Mr. Qiu groaned, “What can I ask for?”
“They want to check, then let them check.”
“I, Qiu Zhenglun, acted in an upright manner throughout my life, and I have never done anything to sorry the country or my ancestors.”
“I am not afraid of the shadow leaning, they want to check, so let them go.”
“Isn’t it just embarrassing someone to be ugly?”
“After they finish investigating and return our Qiu Family to be green, there will be no more shame?”
“As for the fall of the Qiu family? It’s nonsense!”
“We haven’t done anything illegal and disciplined. How could we fail?”
“Want me to bow my head to an abandoned girl from the Qiu family? Go and beg the family for nothing?”
“It’s just wishful thinking!”
“I, Qiu Zhenglun, can’t afford to lose this person.”
The old man Qiu said coldly, with an arrogant voice and icy eyes.
Her eyes swept across Qiu Mucheng angrily.
Finally snorted, and left!
Old man Qiu is a person who loves face very much. In the presence of so many people, let him bend his head to a junior and be humble. Moreover, the opponent was Qiu Mucheng, whom he had previously regarded as the scum of the Qiu Family, and that was undoubtedly harder than killing him.
What’s more, Mr. Qiu has always firmly believed that their Qiu Shui logistics is upright, sitting upright, and not afraid of being investigated.
Naturally, he was more unscrupulous, even if he offended Wu Weitao, he would never bow to Qiu Mucheng’s family.
“What an old and stubborn person~”
Seeing Mr. Qiu leaving angrily, Jiang Hong, Wang Qiaoyu and others suddenly cursed in a low voice.
But now, they are helpless.
Can’t force the old man to bow his head to plead with Qiu Mucheng, right?
The only way now is undoubtedly to properly handle the company’s accounts so that the supervisory authorities can’t find it out.
“Qiu Mucheng, birds and beasts still know the grace of feeding back.”
“You are worse than a beast!”
“To your grandfather, your family members, dare to be so awesome?”
“Good, good, good!”
“It will be long in the future, let’s wait and see~”
As things are developing at this point, their Qiushui Logistics has undoubtedly been completely torn apart with Mufan Real Estate.
Naturally, Qiu Guang and the Qiu family no longer had any scruples, relying on their status as elders, and scolded Qiu Mucheng.
After that, they did not stay here again, turned around and returned to the Yulong Hotel.
Despite these changes, the Qiu family did not intend to cancel their ribbon-cutting celebration.
After returning to the hotel, continue their celebration.
After the Qiu family left, the Mufan Real Estate Company was undoubtedly much calmer.
Qiu Mucheng and other company employees who had been arrested were also released immediately, and Wu Weitao personally apologized and sympathized.
Even though Wu Weitao has a distinguished status, he did not put on any official airs at this time, and sincerely apologizes to the employees of Mufan Real Estate. It is undoubtedly a sharp contrast to the old behavior of Old Man Qiu before.

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