A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 808

For a long time, Qiu Muying looked down on Qiu Mucheng, only because she was married to a wimp, a turtle in the countryside. Especially after she was engaged to Chu Wenfei, in front of Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Muying always had a sense of superiority.
But now, if Ye Fan was a hidden real dragon and a real big man, then Qiu Muying’s last pride was undoubtedly crushed by Qiu Mucheng.
“It can never be because of him.”
“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it.”
“Then Ye Fan, is just a hillbilly, just a useless turtle.”
“He can never be a big man.”
“He won’t be and can’t be~”
Qiu Muying’s eyes were red, as if she was crazy, and she kept growling low.
However, no one knows how horrified and afraid Qiu Muying’s words are at this time. There is no such thing as a hint of confidence.
Listening to Qiu Muying’s low roar, the others did not speak.
The Qiu family nowadays, just like Shuang beats eggplant, their heads downcast, there is no arrogance and demeanor before.
the other side.
In Yulong Hotel, the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate was grandly held.
Guests from all walks of life offered congratulations.
Finally, Wu Weitao even recited a pair of congratulatory couplets he wrote by himself.
Shanghai United: Create ambitions and create great achievements to add color to the country
Bottom line: Aspiration to write the Spring and Autumn and the sun and the moon
When Wu Weitao read out the couplet, the audience echoed with compliments and thunderous applause.
“Good connection, good connection!”
“Let Wu City personally present the congratulatory letter. Among the hundreds of enterprises in the city, Mr. Qiu is still the first one~”
“Congratulations, congratulations!”
“I wish Mufan Real Estate a very successful business.”
“I wish Mr. Qiu’s career a prosperous day~”
The voices of respect and congratulations converge into a stream, like a surging river, rolling eastward, impacting the entire world.
In this way, the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate finally came to an end with an unexpected ending.
When the setting sun goes down, the day is waning, and the whole hall is full of guests, almost all of them have already left.
“Hanshi, walk slowly, walk slowly~”
“I will come to play often in the future.”
“1b91eb09 must come to play often!”
“Say in advance before you come, I can buy Maojian tea and wait for you to come.”
At the door of the company, there was enthusiastic laughter from Han Li Qiulei and his wife, but the laughter seemed a bit flattering.
“Mom, it’s okay, don’t shout, people Wu Shi has gone away.”
Qiu Mucheng felt a little embarrassed, she just felt that her parents were too obstinate.
“You have to shout even when you are far away. You silly daughter, Wu Shi personally congratulates us, that is to give us face, of course we have to be enthusiastic.”
While Qiu Mucheng’s mother and daughter were talking, Ye Fan also sent Chen Nan and others away.
“Brother Xiao Fan, we are going back. I have a chance in the future and come to Jianghai to come and play with me.” Chen Nan sat in the car and waved at Ye Fan, saying goodbye a little.
“Yeah.” Ye Fan nodded and waved goodbye to Chen Nan.
As for Lei Aoting and Wang Yuchen, there is no such treatment.
Ye Fan just nodded at them, didn’t even smile, let alone waved goodbye.
Looking at this completely different treatment, Lei Aoting felt uncomfortable: “Hey~”
“Yuchen, why don’t you say Mr. Chu doesn’t wave goodbye to us?”
Wang Yuchen shook his head and smiled: “If you are a sister paper, you still look as good-looking as Chen Nan. If you can get to know Mr. Chu a few years in advance, Mr. Chu will not only wave goodbye to you, maybe you can still marry Mr. Chu.”
“You get out of here!” Lei Aoting rolled his eyes and cursed badly.

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