A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 814

It has been many times, Qiu Mucheng always feels that Ye Fan seems to have an unknown side.
Before the Jianghai, Han family birthday banquet, it also attracted all the Jiangdong guys to worship, and the scene was no worse than today.
Later, Susie told him that it was because Ye Fan acted like a cow and a horse for the big people, and those big people deliberately gave Ye Fan a little gift, so that Ye Fan would willingly work for them.
But now?
If Ye Fan is really just a running dog working for others, will Wu Weitao and Wang Dong come to come to congratulate himself and come to join him?
There is also the previous annual meeting of entrepreneurs, why Ye Fan was in Han Dongmin’s car.
Are Ye Fan and Han Dongmin really just a simple relationship that owes one favor?
There were too many doubts and too many puzzles, but at this time everything was shrouded in Qiu Mucheng’s heart.
Those scorching eyes, just like that, stared at the man in front of him closely.
Ye Fan, who are you?
Facing Qiu Mucheng’s inquiry, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled as if he didn’t know anything.
“Did it come at me? How do I know?”
“You should ask them.”
“You~” Ye Fan’s careless and foolish attitude made Qiu Mucheng a little angry.
Qiu Mucheng was about to continue to inquire, but Han Li immediately interrupted her: “Hey, Mucheng, if you ask me about this waste, what can you ask?”
“You don’t really think that Wu City, they called Mr. Ye Fan and congratulated Ye Fan. You think he is a big shot?”
“This guy is in your light.”
“If he is not your husband in law, do you think someone will take care of him today?”
Han Li looked at Ye Fan, then shook her head and smiled disdainfully.
Anyway, Han Li and Qiulei’s husband and wife didn’t think that today’s big figures came to Ye Fan.
After all, there is no reason for this.
Ye Fan was born in the countryside, and there were no bright spots on his body. Perhaps his only pride was to marry a beautiful wife like Qiu Mucheng.
As for why Lei Aoting, Wang Donglai and others treat Ye Fan respectfully, Han Li only thinks that it is completely tainted by her daughter.
Besides, weren’t those people polite and respectful towards her and Qiulei at the time? Especially Lei Aoting, shouted one by one aunt, how kind is that?
Although Lei Aoting slapped him in the end, Han Li didn’t think much about it. He only thought that Lei Aoting was shocked and accidentally hit.
After all, so many policemen came in at that time, let alone Lei Aoting, she was so scared to go under the table.
So, all of this is obvious.
What really can do is her daughter, Qiu Mucheng.
As the saying goes, one person gains the Tao, the chicken and dog ascend to heaven.
What’s more, are relatives like Ye Fan?
Under this kind of consideration, it was completely reasonable and reasonable for the guests to treat Ye Fan respectfully.
“He is an incompetent son-in-law, except for a brute force, is he not as capable as your mother and me?”
“Wu Shi is coming at him? I would rather believe that Wu Shi is coming at me.”
“If you want me to say it, Mucheng. I think Wu Shi has taken a fancy to your talents and believes that Mufan Real Estate will have great prospects in the future, so Wu Shi did not hesitate to surrender his identity to come to congratulate us Mufan Real Estate.”
“Have you written all the couplet he sent from Wu Shi?”
“Tree ambitions to create great achievements, add color to the country!”
“This is obviously to be optimistic about you, it is a piece of respect and expectation for you, I hope you can establish ambitions and create great achievements!”
“Mucheng, so you have to work hard in the future, and you must never disappoint Wu Shi’s high expectations of you.”
Han Li was talking endlessly, taking a bite of my daughter’s, which was extremely proud and proud.
My daughter is so promising. I’m afraid anyone who is a parent will be so, right?
But Ye Fan listened, but the corner of his eyes twitched secretly.
I thought that Han Li’s ability to associate is really strong!
Presumably, if you write her an opening, she can compose a million-word novel for you, right?
But that’s okay, with Han Li’s assist, but Ye Fan, who is the province, tried to explain it himself.

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