A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 817

After the opening ceremony, Mufan Real Estate is undoubtedly completely on the right track, and various businesses have begun to develop.
As for the stains of Mufan Real Estate at the annual meeting of entrepreneurs, after Wu Weitao and others came to congratulate, naturally no one mentioned it again.
After all, this is a company that even Wu Weitao went to join him in person. Now it is too late for all the wealthy people in Yunzhou City to flatter, how could anyone even mention this?
Moreover, after the opening ceremony on that day, Mufan Real Estate became famous in the entire Yunzhou business community, completely becoming a star enterprise in Yunzhou, and even on the local news of Yunzhou.
For a time, many people talked about it, saying that there was a strong background behind Mu Fan’s real estate, and Qiu Mucheng might be standing behind an extremely terrifying big figure.
After all, everyone in Jiangdong city sent people to worship, and even figures such as Wu Weitao and Wang Donglai contributed their gifts. If this Mufan property had no background, who would believe it?
It is under this situation that the follow-up development of Mufan Real Estate is exceptionally smooth.
Without the shackles, Qiu Mucheng’s commercial talents were undoubtedly brought into full play.
Like a fish like a sea, birds ascend into the sky.
In this way, under the leadership of Qiu Mucheng, Mufan Real Estate is growing rapidly at a terrifying speed, and its influence and status in the Yunzhou business community are also increasing day by day.
And when Mufan Real Estate’s business is booming and in full swing, Qiu’s family is naturally in another situation.
Under the thorough investigation by relevant departments, the various illegal activities of Qiu Shui Logistics have undoubtedly been thoroughly exposed to the eyes of the world.
Illegal production, tax evasion, and even failing to meet fire safety standards. All the charges they had planted on Qiu Mucheng at the beginning are now fully reflected in Qiu Shui Logistics.
The “bright and upright” style that Mr. Qiu has been talking about all the year round has undoubtedly become a joke.
The naked reality in front of him smashed all the confidence of Old Man Qiu before him!
In the end, Qiu Shui Logistics was fined a huge sum of money and the entire company was closed for three months for rectification. For a time, Qiu’s industry was almost on the verge of bankruptcy.
Qiu Muying and Qiu Guang went to jail for tax evasion and poor supervision.
For a time, the entire Qiu family was precarious. The family business for decades was in danger of faltering instantly.
Prior to this, it is estimated that the Qiu family had never thought that they had tried their best to kill Mufan’s real estate in the cradle, and completely trampled Qiu Mucheng under their feet, but in the end, not only failed, but Instead, they dug their graves and pushed their Qiu family into the bottomless abyss.
The three-month suspension of business for rectification has undoubtedly hit the Qiu family tremendously.
In addition, the heads of Mufan Real Estate, Qiu Muying and Qiu Guang and others went to jail, which was almost a fatal blow to the Qiu family.
However, fortunately, Qiu Muying and the others were the first offenders of tax evasion and tax evasion. According to the current law, they can still be exempted from punishment as long as they submit the payment in time.
Therefore, after the Dongchuang incident, Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Guang’s wife begged the old man Qiu very hard, hoping that the old man would take the money to make up the taxes and get Qiu Guang and the others out.
“You still have the face to beg me?”
“The foundation of my Qiu Zhenglun’s life has been almost destroyed by the hands of you beasts!”
“How many times have I said that our Qiushui Logistics can make less or no money, but we must never do anything illegal.”
“But what about you?”

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