A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 822

I used to be Xu Lei’s right-hand man. Lin Wenjing accompanied Xu Lei on many important occasions. It can be said that he is the closest person to Xu Lei.
Seeing this woman, Ye Fan couldn’t help being slightly surprised.
Suddenly Xu Lei left without saying goodbye, but then there was no news. Ye Fan thought that it would be difficult to see each other in the future, but now seeing Lin Wenjing, Ye Fan is undoubtedly a little bit happy, and he can also ask her about Xu Lei’s current situation.
“You can shut up you!”
“Does this have your place?”
“Go to the kitchen and serve food?”
“People look at Mucheng’s face and call you Mr. Ye. Don’t you feel ashamed, but you still talked to them? Do you really consider yourself the host of this house?”
Seeing Ye Fan chatting with the guests as a family head, Han Li was undoubtedly extremely unhappy.
After all, in her eyes, Ye Fan is just a wimp who eats soft rice. Now that the distinguished guest is here, how can there be such a wimp?
Ye Fan didn’t pay attention to Han Li’s reprimand, as she fart, still chatting with Lin Wenjing.
“Mr. Ye, she’s afraid Mr. Xu won’t be able to come.” When it came to Xu Lei, the expression on Lin Wenjing’s pretty face dimmed suddenly.
Upon seeing this, Qiu Mucheng was also very confused and worried: “Miss Lin, has something happened to Mr. Xu?”
To Xu Lei, Qiu Mucheng is undoubtedly also grateful.
The collaboration between Qiushui Logistics and Hongqi Group was initiated by Xu Lei.
Later, although this cooperation was snatched by Qiu Muying, Xu Lei also defended herself many times and gave her a lot of help.
Just as Ye Fan said, Qiu Mucheng had thought of coming to thank you many times, but unfortunately, Xu Lei was no longer in Yunzhou. Now that Lin Wenjing looks like this, Qiu Mucheng is naturally very worried.
In response to Qiu Mucheng’s question, Lin Wenjing nodded first, and then shook her head: “No…no, Mr. Xu is fine.”
“I’m here this time to invite Mr. Ye to go to Yanjing to attend Mr. Xu’s wedding.”
When she said this, Lin Wenjing looked at Ye Fan with a complicated look.
In the end, it seemed that I realized that there was something wrong with what I had just said, and immediately added, “Of course, Miss Qiu can also go together.”
“Mr Xu is getting married?”
Naturally, Qiu Mucheng and others didn’t care about these details. She was more concerned about Xu Lei’s marriage.
“How is this possible?”
“A woman like Mr. Xu, is there any man in this world who can conquer Mr. Xu? Let Mr. Xu be like him?”
Han Li and Qiulei’s couple also exploded.
I just feel incredible!
You know, in Yunzhou, Xu Lei has always been a queen-level figure.
This kind of majestic and powerful woman suddenly wants to marry a man and be a husband and child. It is always shocking!
Ye Fan was also a little surprised: “Why is it so sudden?”
“Yeah.” Lin Wenjing nodded 6128539e, and looked at Ye Fan, but he was hesitant to speak.
But in the end, Lin Wenjing didn’t say much, but handed an invitation to Ye Fan.
The invitation seems to be handwritten by Xu Lei, with only a few lines.
“On the first day of December, at the wedding banquet, invite Mr. Ye Fan to come and go.”
“Write down, Xu Lei!”

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