A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 825

When Ye Fan returned home, Han Li and his wife were already asleep.
The two of them have nothing to do on weekdays, except for playing mahjong and dancing square dances. They go to bed early and get up early, which is quite good for health.
The lights in the living room had already been turned off, only in Qiu Mucheng’s boudoir, there were still lights flickering.
Ye Fan didn’t bother her, but turned on the light in the living room, ready to clean up the dishes.
After all, Ye Fan has always been doing housework and Qiu Mucheng is busy at work. As for Han Li and his wife, they have always been in charge. Since Ye Fan joined their Qiu family, Han Li and Han Li have never been involved in housework.
However, what made Ye Fan a little surprised today is that the dishes and chopsticks have been cleaned up, and the table is empty, and it is very neatly wiped.
Just when Ye Fan was suspicious, Qiu Mucheng’s cold voice had already been heard from the room: “Don’t look, I have already cleaned up.”
The faint voice made Ye Fan unable to hear the slightest emotion.
Ye Fan suddenly panicked.
I thought that Qiu Mucheng wouldn’t be because of Xu Lei’s affairs.
So Ye Fan hurried over, smiled, and said to Qiu Mucheng: “My wife, I know, you still love me.”
“Knowing that your husband is too hard for me to do housework, so I want to help me share it.”
“How can you get a wife like this?”
Seeing that Ye Fan started to praise Qiu Mucheng again, Qiu Mucheng glared at him suddenly: “Don’t be so affectionate here.”
“I’m afraid that another customer will come, and it will be ashamed to see that the dishes are not cleaned!”
Qiu Mucheng said hard, and then asked: “Where is Miss Lin, have you sent it away?”
“Well, I’ve sent away.” Ye Fan nodded, and then looked at Qiu Mucheng with an expression of hesitation.
Qiu Mucheng naturally saw Ye Fan’s expression. Without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, Qiu Mucheng first asked, “Are you going to tell me that you are going to Yanjing to attend President Xu’s wedding.”
The mind was seen, Ye Fan suddenly smiled with some guilty conscience: “Sure enough, my wife knows me best.”
“But Mucheng, I actually don’t want to go.”
“After all, we don’t know Mr. Xu very well. It’s not a good thing. It’s not worth it to go so far to attend her wedding and spend so much money.”
“But if Mucheng wants to go to Yanjing and get to know a few more important people, I can still accompany you with difficulty.”
Ye Fan smiled.
However, Qiu Mucheng rolled her eyes, looked at the man in front of her with contempt, and sneered: “Okay, don’t be fooled by rhetoric here.”
“Since Mr. Xu has sent invitations, go ahead.”
“Mr. Xu is always our noble person, and for both of us, we have great favors. He is noble, but he still hasn’t forgotten us. He has sent invitations from all over the world. If we don’t give face, we are indeed a little unkind. .”
“I have packed everything for you. When the time comes, you can go by yourself. I can’t live without the company. You can only bring my blessings to Mr. Xu.”
“Also, I also put some money in your wallet, and a bank card. When you go out, the money that should be spent is also to be spent, just don’t spend it randomly.”
“It’s not easy for your wife to make money.”
While Qiu Mucheng said, she was folding her clothes on the bed.
When he first came in, Ye Fan thought that Qiu Mucheng was tidying up her clothes. Only now did he notice that Qiu Mucheng actually folded herself again.

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