A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 831

“Just don’t know, what kind of business does Mr. Chu’s family do?”
At the dinner table, Li Lubin’s wife asked Ye Fan politely with a smile.
Ye Fan shook his head: “Madam misunderstood. Like Xiaohong, I am the son of a farmer.”
“I grew up in the country as an elder, and I have been working in the countryside. What kind of background do I have? How can I talk about big people?”
“If I have to say what background I have, then the land that my mother and I used to cultivate together is my biggest background.”
Ye Fan said lightly. His words are so calm, they don’t have any hidden c03e73c5 meaning, and they don’t look hard to tell.
When someone asked about Ye Fan’s background, Ye Fan never concealed it. There is nothing to hide.
Now the Li family asked him, and he answered like this.
In the future, even if someone from the Chu family asked him, he still answered like this!
From the time he was expelled from the Chu family, Ye Fan was no longer the identity of the Chu family.
He only knew that he was the son of a farmer!
Whenever anyone asked him, he would answer that way.
Never, because of my mother’s background, I feel any inferiority!
What’s more, how was your background in the countryside?
What about the poor kids?
Family background has never been the shackles and shackles that limit the size of a person’s achievements.
Ye Fan never felt that birth was such an important thing.
Just like what Ye Fan said to Zhao Lichun.
There are also real dragons lying in the remote areas.
Although he is incompetent, he still has the power of the world!
“The farmer’s son?”
“Are you from the country too?”
However, as soon as Sun Liping heard this, her expression immediately stagnated, and the original smile on her face disappeared.
Li Yuan on the side was even more happy when she heard it.
“I’m still a country girl holding my thigh, now it seems that I’m also a hillbilly?”
“It’s really fish looking for fish, shrimp looking for shrimp.”
“Yes, how can people be blind and fall in love with a country woman?”
Li Yuan suddenly sneered and laughed, and she was undoubtedly even more disdainful and contemptuous when she looked at Li Xiaohong’s half-sister.
From the very beginning, Li Yuan looked down upon Li Xiaohong, a hillbilly, who was related to such a woman, and Li Yuan felt ashamed.
She doesn’t even want to eat at the same table with such a person, it feels dirty!
“Yuanyuan, how do you talk?”
“Mr. Chu is modest.”
“After the real giants, they are extremely low-key when they go out.”
“Just like the richest man in Yanjing, when I met on the road before, didn’t he also wear a pair of jeans and a white shirt?”
“As the saying goes, return to the basics.”
“After you have truly mastered great wealth and great power, you will no longer care about such things as fame.”
“Mr. Chu, don’t you think?” Li Lubin still said politely.
He didn’t believe that his daughter would lie and deceive others. Li Xiaohong said that Ye Fan was a big man in Jiangdong. Could it be a deception?
Li Yuan still sneered and said, “Dad, is this a big shot? It’s not just talking about it.”
“Didn’t he bring us gifts, why not show it out?”
“At that time, whether the Mr. Chu in front of me was a real dick or a fake expert, I would know at a glance!”
“The rich, no matter how low-key they are, they are also low-key to themselves. This is a way to give gifts to relatives and friends, and you will never be low-key, give some tattered things that you can’t handle, right?”
Li Yuan said coldly, and Li Lubin also nodded.

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