A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 835

Yanjing, Xujia.
Before the huge manor, it was full of cars at this time.
The countless dignitaries in Yanjing City are holding their own wives, dressed in great costumes, and walked towards the hall under the guidance of the waiters.
Today’s Xu family’s movement is huge, colorful flowers, fiery red carpets, and the decoration of flowers in front of the courtyard, but they decorate the Xu family manor today.
Pedestrians passing by the roadside looked sideways, watching the scene where guests gathered and luxury cars were all over the floor, and there was envy in their eyebrows.
“What’s wrong with the Xu family?”
“Could it be that Miss Xu Er, is going to get married today?”
“Isn’t it December 12th?”
At this time, the pedestrians on the side of the road looked at Xu’s gaze, but they were full of doubts.
Many people talked about it.
“I’m going, don’t you know about such a big thing?”
“Today’s Xu family is not for Miss Xu Er.”
“It’s the eldest lady of the Xu family, Xu Meifeng.”
“Today is Miss Xu’s birthday party.”
“A month ago, the Xu family published news in the major media for publicity. Inviting elites from all walks of life to come to the conference.” In the crowd, an insider said slowly.
“Just a birthday party, such a big scene?”
“This train and dragon stretches for kilometers, right?”
“At least half of the rich and powerful in Yanjing City have arrived!”
“As expected of the Xu family, Yanjing’s veteran giants are different.”
Many people were immediately full of envy and emotion after learning that today was just a birthday party for Miss Xu’s family.
Many women are even more yearning, thinking that this is life.
A birthday party can be compared to a state banquet!
Compared with other people, the life of these ordinary people is really unbearable.
“But I guess that the Xu family’s birthday party is just a gimmick. The main purpose is to choose a son-in-law for Miss Xu family?”
“Miss Xu Er is going to get married, Xu Meifeng, who is the cousin, is obviously also anxious.”
“But it’s a pity that Miss Xu Er, such a good person, will finally marry the second generation ancestor of the Xue family?”
“It is estimated that in the future, the second lady of the Xu family is afraid that she will be trampled underfoot by the eldest forever!”
Thinking of this, many people can’t help shaking their heads with emotion.
Looking for a man, for a woman, is tantamount to reincarnation for the second time.
If you marry well, a native chicken can become a phoenix.
If you don’t marry well, you may not be able to lift your head for the rest of your life.
Outside the villa, many passersby watching the excitement were talking.
But in the Xu family hall, celebrities from all walks of life gathered together, and countless powerful and powerful people gathered together, pushing cups and changing cups, talking and laughing, it was so lively. Of course, the most eye-catching is the luxurious woman who looks like a canary, Miss Xu Meifeng.
However, when there was a bustling scene downstairs, a loft in the villa was surprisingly quiet.
The outside is prosperous, but here is deserted as autumn.
In the room, there was a stunningly elegant woman sitting in front of the window so quietly.
The outside sunlight, through the fine shutters, faintly spilled, shining on her body, but it was a haze that spilled on the ground.
From a distance, the scene here is so bleak.
It’s just like a forgotten corner, with flowers blooming outside, and this side is full of desolation.
“Miss, they are too much.”
“Obviously today is your birthday, but they didn’t care about it, but they kept you off.”
“It’s so deceiving!” Behind him, a sullen voice suddenly came.
Seeing Lin Wenjing coming from outside, he was full of anger, complaining to Xu Lei again and again.
“Mr. Xu, you don’t know how lively it is outside.”
“The Tang family in the south of the city, the Su family in the north of the city, and even the Tang family in Jinling sent people over to celebrate Xu Meifeng’s birthday.”
“You don’t know that Xu Meifeng is proud, as if she were an imperial princess.”
“She also didn’t want to think about how their current scenery came from, Miss your parents, Yan Lu Lan Ling, worked hard.”
“But now, they not only don’t feel grateful to Miss your parents, but they also forbid Miss, and now they want to find someone to marry Miss.”
“It keeps saying that you are considering you for the young lady, I think, they just want to kick you out of the Xu family as soon as possible, so that they can take up all the property of the Xu family in a fair manner.”
Lin Wenjing became more and more angry, and her face flushed with anger at this time.

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