A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 837

Xujia Hall.
At this time, the crowd was full of friends and guests.
Xu’s birthday party today was extremely lively.
Business celebrities, political elites, and half of the powerful and powerful of Yanjing City almost gather here.
Before the protagonist of the banquet appeared, everyone in the hall was talking and laughing, talking to each other.
Melodious music is playing in the magnificent hall.
The successful gentlemen were holding red wine and chatting with the elegant and beautiful ladies with a smile.
Banquets like this kind of upper circle are naturally a good time to make connections and expand the circle of friends.
Finally, following a beautiful woman, walked out of the inner hall.
The world here and there was quiet in an instant.
Everyone saw that a plump and noble young woman, wearing a snow-white long dress, just ascended to the high platform under the eyes of the public.
This person is surprisingly the eldest of the Xu family, the daughter of Xu Hong’s daughter, Xu Meifeng, the current owner of the Xu family of Yanjing!
After Xu Meifeng appeared, she did her part and sat directly at the highest point of the entire hall.
Today’s birthday banquet, she is the protagonist, so she should naturally sit in the most noble place,
“Miss, look, can you start?” At this time, the butler was attached to Xu Meifeng and asked respectfully.
Xu Meifeng smiled proudly: “Well, we can start.”
“Also, don’t forget what I told you before, to start a live broadcast for my second sister.”
“Let her see, how beautiful is her sister’s birthday party?”
“Let her understand the gap between her and me.”
“Also let her know that the current Patriarch of the Xu family is no longer her father. Miss Xu family is no longer her.”
“Tell me that second sister, let her be honest and put her in place. As long as she is obedient, the Xu family will let her marry out gracefully on the wedding day.”
“Otherwise, don’t blame the Xu family for embarrassing her.”
Xu Meifeng said proudly, in the words, full of Senran and proud.
For Xu Lei, Xu Meifeng couldn’t understand her since she was a child.
Obviously, her Xu Meifeng is the eldest daughter of the Xu family, but because Xu Lei’s father is the head of the Xu family, Miss Xu’s limelight is undoubtedly robbed by her second sister.
Fortunately, God opened his eyes and Xu Lei’s parents passed away unexpectedly. And her father successfully took the position. Since then, Xu Meifeng’s identity has naturally risen, until he completely robbed Xu Lei of everything that Xu Lei had in the Xu family.
But what made Xu Meifeng extremely displeased was that her second sister was still arrogant, maverick, and refused her discipline at all.
“Xu Lei, Xu Lei, do you think you are still Miss Xu Family?”
“Today’s birthday banquet, I will let you fully understand that you Xu Lei has long been stepped on by my Xu Meifeng!”
Xu Meifeng was full of pride.
Of course she knows that today is also Xu Lei’s birthday.
The Xu family gave birth to two daughters on the same day, but Xu Meifeng was born a few hours earlier, so she became a sister.
But knowing how, she deliberately told the Xu family not to celebrate Xu Lei’s birthday, and deliberately embarrassed Xu Lei.
Finally, as Xu Meifeng announced the start of the birthday banquet, all the guests began to offer gifts.
“Shinan Tangjia Tang Enlong, present a pair of white jade bracelets. Happy birthday to Miss Xu.”
“Chairman of Longxiang Group, present a pair of platinum necklaces, wish Miss Xu a happy birthday, and keep youth forever~”
“Su Rong from the North City Sujia, offer…”
One after another guests stepped forward, giving gifts one after another.
In just a few moments, the birthday gifts in front of Xu Meifeng had piled up into a hill.
And listening to the voices of respect and congratulations from all the guests, Xu Meifeng is undoubtedly proud and proud, just feeling the scenery is full.
After all, the entire Yanjing City, like her Xu Meifeng, a birthday banquet can attract the congratulations of all nations and the rich and powerful. I am afraid there are really few people, right?

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