A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 839

And Xue Minghua’s brother is the Patriarch of the Xue family. Now that he has given such a big favor to the Xue family, Xue Minghua’s elder brother will certainly think of her favors.
I thought that today’s birthday party, Xue Minghua’s brother would come in person. Xu Meifeng did not expect that Xue Minghua had come by herself.
Xue Minghua smiled and replied: “No. Originally, my brother was planning to celebrate Miss Xu’s birthday personally. After all, if Miss Xu tried her best to facilitate it, I am afraid that my marriage with Leilei would not go so smoothly.”
“Our Xue family has been reading Miss Xu’s okay?”
“This hairpin was personally picked by my brother and bought with my brother’s one month’s salary. He specifically asked me to give it to Miss Xu personally as a birthday present.”
Xue Minghua said flatly, but the others were slightly surprised when they heard it.
The monthly salary of Patriarch Xue?
At least millions.
The Xue family is rich in wealth, a birthday gift, even a million gifts?
Many people secretly sigh.
After all, although most of the people in this room are wealthy individuals worth hundreds of millions, or even one billion or ten billion, they have a big business, and the company spends a lot of money on weekdays. Many companies are almost in debt when they count loans.
Therefore, unless there is a particularly important occasion, they would never have the courage to spend millions just to celebrate a woman’s birthday.
Except for this gift from the Xue family, among the other guests, the most expensive was Xing Tian, the young master of the Xing family, and the diamond ring he gave was about 900,000 yuan. Nearly spent six months of Xingtian’s savings.
In order to pick up the girl, Xing Tian obviously also tried it.
But now, compared with the Xue family, he is naturally defeated.
“Did your brother pick it himself?”
“Thank you, I like it very much.” After hearing Xue Minghua’s words, Xu Meifeng suddenly smiled. With joy, Xue Minghua was immediately invited to the seat.
After that, several dignitaries gave gifts to Xu Meifeng to celebrate her birthday.
It lasted for nearly half an hour before all the guests all congratulated.
After the guests were seated, Xu Meifeng stood up suddenly, with endless pride and majesty in her beautiful eyes, raised the wine glass in front of the table, and said proudly to everyone: “My father is not here, so now the Xu family is dominated by me.”
“Today, I, Xu Meifeng, represent the Xu family and myself, and I would like to express my gratitude to all the guests.”
“Thank you all for this wine!”
Sitting high, Xu Meifeng stood proudly.
She held the red wine in her hand, feeling the respect and awe of everyone’s eyes. Under the attention of everyone, she immediately looked up and drank the red wine in the glass!
The thunderous applause sounded one after another.
“Ms. Xu is not only talented and beautiful, she is also extraordinary.”
“I believe it won’t take long. When the old family owner retreats, this Xu family will truly respect the eldest lady.”
“This glass of wine, we also toast Miss ~”
Amid the applause, many people complimented, and the flattering and respectful voice echoed one after another in the hall.
Seeing the respected and awe-inspiring people in the audience, Xu Meifeng smiled proudly, full of vigor in her eyebrows.
At this moment, she could only stand at the pinnacle of her life!
However, when Xu Meifeng’s scenery was infinite, the door of the hall was immediately pushed open.
I saw a thin young man, like this, quietly appeared in the eyes of everyone.
“you are?”
Seeing this sudden man, Xu Meifeng suddenly wrinkled her eyes.
The others were also surprised, looking at the man in front of them.
Looking at his clothes, he didn’t look like a rich man at all.
Could it be that he was also the guest invited by the Xu family?
Facing Xu Meifeng’s doubts, the man immediately raised his head and smiled faintly: “Yunzhou, Ye Fan.”
“I am here to celebrate Miss Xu’s birthday.”

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