A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 840

Ye Fan’s faint voice echoed in the hall like a breeze.
At the moment when Ye Fan’s voice sounded, in the attic of the villa, a graceful and beautiful woman was stunned for an instant.
As if thunder exploded from her heart, Xu Lei’s beautiful eyes widened.
The joy in the depths of my heart, like a stormy sea, swept through my heart.
“He… he really came?”
No one can feel Xu Lei’s mood at this time.
That feeling is like returning to the evening of ten years ago.
That boy, also at her most desperate moment, fell from the sky like a knight.
He is like a beam of light, illuminating himself, the darkest life!
The villa hall.
Ye Fan’s arrival undoubtedly caused a lot of waves in the entire hall.
“Where is that place?”
“Is it a newly established district in Yanjing?” Xu Meifeng was puzzled because she realized that she had never heard of Yunzhou.
Other guests are also puzzled.
“Ye Fan?”
“Does Yanjing have this number?”
“Have never heard of a family surnamed Ye in Yanjing’s big family?”
However, just as everyone was guessing Ye Fan’s identity, there was a chuckle among the crowd.
“What big man am I?”
“It turns out you are a hillbilly.”
“Then Yunzhou, it’s probably a small mountain village~”
The cold laughter sounded, and the eyes of everyone in a moment looked at the past.
Li Yuan walked out with a smile and looked at Ye Fan’s gaze, full of contempt and disgust.
“Yuanyuan, don’t mess around.”
“Aren’t you coming back soon?”
Seeing that one of his little secretaries stood up at this moment, Xing Tian’s face suddenly paled in fright.
This is Miss Xu’s birthday banquet. As a little secretary, she dare to come out and make trouble?
I would not bring her if I knew it.
However, in the face of Xing Tian’s scolding, Li Yuan smiled triumphantly: “President Xing, rest assured, I have a sense of measure.”
After that, Li Yuan stepped forward and said to Xu Meifeng: “Miss Xu, don’t be fooled by him.”
“This guy, who claimed to be a big man last night, came to my house to eat and drink. Finally, my dad was swept out.”
“Unexpectedly, he ate the bear heart and leopard courage, and today he ran to Miss Xu’s birthday banquet to eat and drink.”
“Don’t look at him pretending to be decent, but in fact, this person is a farm turtle.”
“It’s just a hillbilly who has no money or power.”
“Ms. Xu, don’t you know, he went to my house for dinner last night and didn’t have money to buy gifts. Finally, he picked up a piece of broken copper and iron as a gift from the garbage dump.”
“I threw it out at the time.”
A hillbilly who eats and drinks?
Li Yuan’s words surprised everyone.
After all, what kind of occasion.
Of those present, which one is not rich or expensive.
A hillbilly, dare to come to the banquet of their upper class?
“Madam, don’t talk nonsense.”
“A rural turtle, how can there be such a courage?”
“If you wronged someone, it would be bad.” At this time, someone questioned.
But Li Yuan smiled confidently, with a complete look on her chest.
“Is wronged 5919e99f, just look at the gift from this “big man”?”
“What he gave to my house last night was a piece of broken copper and rotten iron, but I don’t know, what “heavy treasure” did he bring to Miss Xu today?”
Li Yuan’s sarcasm sounded quietly.
In an instant, everyone’s eyes turned to Ye Fan again.
Obviously, they also wanted to see what gift the young man in front of him brought to Miss Xu Jia?
In this way, under everyone’s attention, Ye Fan gently took out a heavy and simple thing from the gift bag.
“Ye Fan, send a four-legged rust tripod.”
“I wish Miss Xu, she is as beautiful as ever, and her face remains the same!”

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