A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 843

At that time, Xing Tian was stunned, and the diamond ring in his hand also snapped and fell to the ground. And he himself was almost overthrown by Wang Kaige, and he staggered a few steps before standing still.
And Xu Meifeng’s beautiful body, which was moving forward, also stagnated immediately. It was obvious that she couldn’t see the situation clearly: “Wang, you… are you?”
However, at this time, the elder Wang, no matter what Xu Meifeng’s reaction with Xing Tian was, he snorted, and after pushing Xing Tian away, he went directly to Ye Fan.
Then in an extremely excited tone, he said to Ye Fan: “Little friend, this…this tripod, can I open my eyes?”
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan smiled lightly: “It seems that this place of Yanjing is still a person with knowledge.”
“If you want to see, just watch.”
After a laugh, Ye Fan was not stingy, so he gave the Fang Ding in his hand to Elder Wang.
“Huh, what to pretend?”
“A broken copper and broken iron, could it really become a national treasure?”
“Wang Lao was blinded for a while.”
“After a while, after a closer look, you will naturally know that your broken tripod is actually worthless rubbish.” Li Yuan snorted, her eyes full of contempt.
Of course she would not believe what a treasure she threw out of the house last night.
However, when Li Yuan ridiculed, Wang Lao looked at the Fang Ding in front of him like a peerless beauty.
In the end, Wang Lao even took out a wooden hammer from his clothes bag and gently knocked off the dirt and rust on the surface.
Later, Wang Lao wiped it carefully back and forth with his clothes.
In the end, a majestic four-legged square tripod appeared in front of everyone like this.
Like a sword out of its sheath, the pearl shines.
After the four-legged Fang Ding of the Wang Lao Gang washed away its lead, the ancient Ding that had been dusted for thousands of years finally reappeared in the world.
“This…this…this is?”
At this moment be2b9035, even an outsider who knows nothing about Jianbao can clearly see that the Fangding is extraordinary.
As for Wang Lao himself, he was already crazy.
“The most important weapon of the country, the most important weapon of the country~”
Excited heart, shaking hands.
The ecstatic and excited voice of Mr. Wang resounded like thunder in the whole hall.
Seeing this picture of Mr. Wang, Xu Meifeng suddenly said in surprise: “Wang… Mr. Wang, this broken bronze and iron, is… the most important weapon of the country?”
“Shut up!” However, as soon as Xu Meifeng’s words fell, Elder Wang suddenly shouted angrily, “The country’s most important weapon, how can you insult you here?”
“During the Republic of China, my father’s generation participated in the excavation of a number of cultural relics. Among them, there was a bronze Fang Ding called Siyang Fangzun.
“The Four Sheep Fang Zun is the largest and most complete Shang ritual vessel unearthed in my country.”
“Some online merchants value 26.6 billion!”
“But how can these short-sighted merchants know that these four sheep square statues are priceless treasures, can they be measured by a mere 26.6 billion?”
Wang Lao talked freely, but the surrounding guests became more surprised as they listened.
Xing Tian was so frightened that his mouth was the size of a bowl, and finally he lost his voice: “Wang…Lao Wang, you mean, this…this tripod is…worth 26.6 billion… billion,” Four sheep Fangzun?”
As soon as Xing Tian finished saying this, Wang Lao yelled in anger, and the cursing Xing Tian blushed and immediately did not dare to speak.
“Fangzun of Four Goats is a treasure of the country. It is huge in size, weighing nearly a hundred catties, and has long been displayed in the museum.”
“And the Fangding Ding in front of me, but the size of his palm, how can it be the Fangzun of Four Rams?”

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