A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 852

She knew very well that once Ye Fan left today, maybe they would never see each other again.
But even so, Xu Lei didn’t want to see that her brother Xiao Fan was hurt.
“Xiao Lei, do you still lie to me?” At this time, Ye Fan’s expression had completely sunk.
“If the Xu family treats you well, how can they take you up and ruthlessly take away the Hongqi Group that you established?”
“If they treat you well, how can they leave you in the cold and ignore you on your birthday?”
“Don’t think I don’t know. When you left Yunzhou, it was not only because the Xu family emptied your business, but also because they used autumn water logistics to force you.”
“You are afraid that you will be implicated in me, so you just endured the humiliation and returned to the family.”
Ye Fan’s cold and sullen voice quietly sounded.
And Xu Lei was stunned, her beautiful eyes trembled: “These, how do you know?”
Xu Lei didn’t even tell Lin Wenjing about the fact that the Xu family was forced by Qiu Shui logistics. She didn’t know, how did Ye Fan learn about it?
“You don’t need to ask me how to know, you just need to tell me, yes or no?” Ye Fan asked in a cold voice with no expression on his face.
Xu Lei immediately lowered her head, like a kid who did something wrong, her teeth bit her red lips and whispered: “Brother Xiao Fan, you don’t care about these things, I will take care of them.”
“Shut up!” At this moment, Ye Fan suddenly shouted angrily.
“Since you call my brother, then you are my sister of Ye Fan!”
“When I was young, I was able to protect you from being humiliated. Now, can I still watch you, and I can’t make a mistake?”
“Today, whether you agree or not, I must take you away.”
“No one can stop it, including yourself!”
Like a golden stone falling to the ground, there is a sound.
Ye Fan’s domineering remarks quietly exploded in the hall.
At that moment, Xu Lei almost burst into tears.
It was as if the boat had stopped near the harbor, and it seemed that duckweed had found its home.
At the moment when Ye Fan’s words fell, Xu Lei only felt that no matter how heavy the storm and setbacks, she would not be afraid.
“Oh, bastard.”
“You have a big tone!”
“What kind of thing are you?”
“My second sister is a member of my Xu family. Now the wedding period is approaching, and she will soon be married.”
“How can you take it away if you want to take it away?”
At this time, Xu Meifeng’s cold laughter came from behind.
After speaking, she looked at Xu Lei again and asked angrily, “Xu Lei, don’t forget, you grew up so old, who trained you?”
“Don’t forget, when your parents died, who helped your family with d1298daf?”
“Don’t forget, how did you agree to my father when you were in Jiangdong?”
“The Xu family has worked so hard to cultivate you for many years. Do you really want to follow this stinky boy, and leave my Xu family’s face lost and sweep the floor. Let the Xu family’s 100-year family tradition be ruined!”
“Let your uncles and aunts, your three grandfathers and grandmothers, as well as everyone in the Xu family and your parents under Jiuquan, all because of you, completely become the laughingstock of Yanjing City?”

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