A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 856

Wang Lao also sighed and looked at Ye Fan, as if he asked him to ask for a lot of blessings, and then Wang Lao silently stepped back to clear up the relationship with Ye Fan.
After all, the Xu family is so powerful that even he is not willing to offend.
“Grandpa, you finally came.”
“The brat beat my mother, you must teach him severely.”
Now that her father is not here, the backbone of the Xu family is undoubtedly Xu Meifeng’s grandfather Xu Wenqing.
Seeing the mess all over the floor and the blood of Xu Meifeng’s mother’s mouth, Old Man Xu Wenqing’s expression suddenly became cold.
“You did all this?”
He looked at Ye Fan and asked in a deep voice, his eyes full of coldness.
Ye Fan ignored his inquiry, but instead asked, “You are Xiao Lei’s third grandfather, the highest-ranking person in the Xu family?”
“You came just right, and I was just about to ask you. Your daughter-in-law and granddaughter forced Xiao Lei to marry the Xue family. You should know about it?”
“Although Xiaolei is not your real granddaughter, but her grandfather is a real brother to you, so you can bear to watch and let them push Xiaolei into the fire pit?”
However, in the face of Ye Fan’s questioning, Xu Wenqing snorted: “Xu Lei was nurtured by the family, and her life-long events are up to the family to decide. Whom she marries, then she must marry whom, so how can we persecute her? ?”
“What’s more, the Xue family is an upstart in Yanjing. Not surprisingly, it will be the fifth largest in Yanjing in the future. How many people want to marry but can’t, it is a great honor for Xu Lei to marry into the Xue family. How can you say that you are jumping into a fire pit?”
“It’s you stinky boy, telling the story and discrediting the Xu family, what are you doing?”
Xu Wenqing’s sullen voice continued to echo.
When Ye Fan listened, he immediately smiled, his eyes full of sarcasm: “Haha~”
“What a Yanjing upstart, what a great honor!”
“I thought that you, an old man who has gone through worldly things, even if you can’t be humane and insightful, you should at least be a reasonable person.”
“But now it seems that I think too much.”
“You old thing, it’s estimated that a lot of age, you will be a living dog.”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, everyone in the audience paused.
Father Xu Wenqing was even more furious.
“shut up!”
“Asshole thing, do you dare to insult me?”
“Do you know, who are you talking to again?”
“Also, Xu Lei, you ungrateful and ungrateful son, my Xu family has nurtured you for decades, and now you return to us like this?”
“Bring these idiots over to embarrass our Xu family? Embarrass your uncle and aunt?”
“You Xu family bastard, don’t you kneel down and apologize for me!” Looking at Xu Lei, Xu Wenqing shouted in anger.
“It’s you who should kneel down and apologize.” Ye Fan shook his head and whispered.
“What do you want to do?”
Feeling the rush of Ye Fan’s words, Xu Wenqing almost subconsciously shuddered.
“Kneel down!”
Ye Fan said coldly, his face suddenly cold.
“Brother Xiaofan, don’t~”
Xu Lei exclaimed when she saw this.
However, it was too late.
I saw Ye Fan kick out and kicked directly on Xu Wenqing’s left knee. With a bang, only a scream, Xu Wenqing knelt directly on the ground with his left leg.
“The person Xiao Lei marries is tyrannical, licentious, and even venereal disease. If you let Xiao Lei marry this person, it is tantamount to putting Xiao Lei to death.”
“In order to fight for the family property and monopolize the power, your line, murder Xiaolei, do everything you want, you say you, should you kneel?”
Ye Fan gave a low voice, and the sound wave exploded. After taking a step forward, his whole body suddenly surged, and he kicked it out again, with a bang, Xu Wenqing’s right leg was cracked, and the other leg immediately knelt on the ground.
“Xiao Lei’s parents, dedication and hard work, just now made the Xu family center leap into the four giants. And you, not grateful, but you are kind enough to take revenge and drive Xiao Lei to a dead end, you said you should kneel?”
Ye Fan was proud and his eyes were cold.
Talking in anger, only if thunder exploded.
Under Ye Fan’s anger, Xu Wenqing had an old face, his legs broke, and he knelt on the ground. The stern howl made everyone shiver even more.

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