A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 861

He had seen Ye Fan’s ability.
Xing He estimated that Ye Fan would never forget the scene in Li Er’s house where the grass, trees, bamboos and stones made swords, wearing flowers, picking leaves and hurting others.
Ye Fan’s superb skills that day was undoubtedly a complete tremor that shook Xinghe.
What’s more, in the Taishan Martial Arts Association a few months ago, Li Er also invited Xinghe to fight for Jiangdong.
However, Wu Herong was too strong, and Meng Baichuan, the instructor of the military region, did not even make a single move under him.
At that time, Xinghe was so frightened that he drove away and didn’t even go to battle.
This time he fled and became a deserter, Xinghe was undoubtedly embarrassed to mix in Jiangdong, and he returned to Yanjing that night.
The Tai Chi martial arts museum in Yunzhou is just a branch of their Xing family. The base camp of Xinghe is undoubtedly still in Yanjing.
However, after returning to Yanjing, Xing He has been following Jiangdong’s news.
Xing He had naturally heard about Ye Fan’s efforts to turn the tide in the Battle of Mount Tai and kill Wu Herong with one move.
Because of this, Xing He’s awe of Ye Fan is undoubtedly more intense.
This is a god~
Although Xinghe is arrogant, he definitely has the name of self-knowledge.
He knew very well that there were hundreds of people in the Xing family, and it is estimated that they would not be Ye Fan’s opponent.
It is better not to provoke such characters.
Otherwise, I don’t know how I died on one day.
Now because of his grandson, he almost provokes the ruthless character in front of him. One can imagine how terrified Xing He is now.
Fortunately, I recognized it in time. Otherwise, Xing He estimated that the current self is probably better than Wu Herong, right?
At this time, facing Ye Fan’s previously unhappy voice, Xing He was undoubtedly already sweating with fright.
Quickly bring up his grandson Xing Tian: “Asshole thing, you dare to provoke anyone?”
“Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Chu?”
Xing Tian was not a fool either. Seeing that his second grandfather was so in awe of Ye Fan, he knew that he was really kicking the iron this time.
Suddenly no longer had the arrogance he had before, he drooped his head like a bitter gourd, and apologized to Ye Fan with a bitter face.
But at this moment, looking at the two grandparents who were constantly apologizing to Ye Fan, the crowd of guests was stunned.
Just feel incredible?
What is going on here?
Didn’t Xinghe come to give his grandson a chance?
Why did this take the lead to apologize to Ye Fan?
Could it be that Ye Fan knew Xinghe?
“Xiao…Miss, Mr. Xiaofan, does he have friendships with the Xing family?” Lin Wenjing was shocked and stunned, and asked Xu Lei foolishly.
Xu Lei’s eyes trembled, and she shook her head in doubt, “Maybe?”
Regarding the Taishan Wuhui event, Xu Lei only knew that Ye Fan lived up to expectations, defeated Wu Herong and successfully became the Lord of Jiangdong, but he did not know the details.
Not even knowing that Xinghe was actually involved.
After all, Xu Lei was already very busy with family affairs at that time, so there was no energy left to pay attention to it.
She always felt that Wu Herong’s strength was not strong, otherwise, Ye Fan was so young, how could he defeat him so easily.
Therefore, Xu Lei always believed that Wu Herong could not be compared with such famous martial arts masters as Xinghe.
However, how did Xu Lei know that Xinghe’s reputation is great, but it’s just a fake name. His interest in acting is serious for Ye Fan and Wu Herong, but it’s just superficial.

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