A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 863

Suddenly, Ye Fan’s original footsteps stopped.
So that Xu Lei, who was following Ye Fan, almost ran into Ye Fan.
When Xue Minghua saw this, he thought Ye Fan was scared, and the smile on his face suddenly became more reckless and rich.
“Boy, do you know the consequences now?”
“Since you know that you can’t afford it, then behave and send Miss Xu Er to me.”
“Then, kowtowing an apology to Aunt Xu and the old man from the Xu family.”
“In this case, Xue Minghua can protect you from death.”
Xue Minghua shook his head and smiled, looking at Ye Fan with disdain and contempt.
As if from beginning to end, Ye Fan had never been in his Xue Minghua’s eyes.
Think about it, the Xue family, as the upstart of the Yanjing family, holds tens of thousands of fortunes, and even wealthy people like the Xu family use the method of marriage to get closer to their Xue family.
It can also be seen that the Xue family’s power in Yanjing is so great?
And Ye Fan, but a small turtle from a small place, a lonely family, and no name, Xue Minghua naturally didn’t take him seriously.
However, who could have thought that when Xue Minghua was condescending and smiling slightly, everyone saw Ye Fan at the door, suddenly turned around and stepped in the direction of Xue Minghua.
“You… what do you want to do?”
“You terrapin, do you dare to beat me?” Xue Minghua’s pupils shrank as he felt the badness in Ye Fan’s eyebrows, and the arrogant smile just disappeared instantly. At this time, only the pale face was left. Astonished and horrified, his old eyes widened immediately.
However, Ye Fan paid no attention to Xue Minghua’s roar and kicked Xue Minghua out.
Just listen to a bang.
Muscles and bones shattered, Xue Minghua hugged his legs and fell to the ground immediately 5e6562cb, crying sadly and groaning in pain.
Ye Fan kicked and broke Xue Minghua’s legs.
This sudden change only made the people full of shock and panic.
Before that, who could have thought that Ye Fan could be so tough?
First, the wife of the Patriarch of the Xu family was beaten violently, and then the elder of the Xu family was forced to kneel. Now, even Xue Minghua, the brother of the Patriarch of the Xue family, had his legs broken.
“What does he think?”
“Is he crazy?”
“He doesn’t want to live anymore~”
The guests in the whole room looked at this scene, and they were all disillusioned, and there was a storm in their hearts.
Xu family and Xue family, in Yanjing, which one is not a great power.
A family with huge energy like this can be suppressed by the relationship even if it kills an individual.
But now, the young people from this small place in front of them offended two of them all at once.
And the current situation, I’m afraid it’s an endless grudge, right?
However, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to the reactions of everyone around him.
He was condescending, with cold eyes, just looking at Xue Minghua who was moaning in pain at his feet.
“You shouldn’t threaten me with them.”
What kind of chill is contained in the indifferent voice.
No one saw that, in Ye Fan’s eyebrows, almost murderous intent appeared.
However, Ye Fan finally held back.
“You should be thankful that you are the Xue family.”
“Otherwise, what you broke today will not be your leg, but your life.”
The cold voice was like a devil’s low growl.
Carrying a deep sense of coldness, it swept past the world here.
At that moment, everyone present subconsciously shuddered.
Many people looked at Ye Fan with only horror.
Is this person really just a young man in his early twenties?

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