A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 865

Ye Fan said jokingly.
Even for him, it is hard to imagine that Xu Lei, the president of the Hongqi Group, the famous Yunzhou goddess who made Li Erdu regarded as his confidant enemy, now shows such a beautiful and charming appearance in front of him.
It is estimated that Ye Fan will tell this scene, Li Er and the others will never believe it.
Xu Lei’s face blushed and she was silent.
Just secretly complaining in my heart.
I thought her brother Xiao Fan still had the face to say that when she ate the apple that Ye Fan “pepped” with his mouth, her image of Xu Lei was gone, right?
But thinking about it now, Xu Lei really doubted whether Ye Fan deliberately used this method to make her cheap.
“Okay, Brother Xiao Fan, don’t talk about it anymore.”
“Tomorrow you won’t really wait for them at Wolong Hotel, will you?”
“The Xu family and the Xue family are both big and powerful households in Yanjing.”
“Like our Xu family, even if the power is no longer at its peak, my second uncle Xu Fengliang has been operating in Yanjing for many years. Whether it is black and white, or military, political and business circles, he has a lot of say.”
“You wounded my second aunt and forced my third grandfather to kneel. You were able to get out of such a catastrophe today because my second and third uncles were not in the family.”
“Otherwise, you and I are afraid that you won’t be able to get out of the Xu family hall at all.”
“Not to mention, Brother Xiao Fan, you hurt Xue Minghua again.”
“His brother Xue Mingzhi is the head of the Xue family.”
“The Xue family has developed rapidly over the years. From the small family that was not well-known at that time, it has risen like a comet in just a few years. Compared with the Song family and Zhao family of Yanjing, they also called Yanjing “the new three nobles”, compared with the four giants , Faintly there is a tendency to come from behind.”
“Yenking upstarts like the Xue family have already surpassed my Xu family in terms of family wealth or subordinate properties. If it weren’t for a little bit of background, even our Xu family would have to bow to the Xue family.”
“Brother Xiaofan, which one of you offended today has monstrous power behind?”
“I think we should return to Yunzhou as soon as possible, and don’t go head-to-head with them.”
Recalling what happened in the Xujia hall before, Xu Lei is undoubtedly full of anxiety.
She didn’t want to tell Ye Fan about these things before, because she was afraid that Ye Fan would get involved, and then it was out of control.
After all, Ye Fan has now left the Chu family. Even though he has some power in Jiangdong, the land of Jiangdong cannot be compared with Yanjing after all.
Yanjing is at the feet of the emperor, even if Ye Fan is the emperor of Jiangdong, aristocrats like Xu and Xue, he will definitely not be put in his eyes.
But Xu Lei did not expect that the thing she most wanted to see had happened.
Ye Fan had already started, under these circumstances, Xu and Xue would not let Ye Fan go easily.
For the present plan, the wisest move is to quickly return to Jiangdong.
The strong dragon can’t beat the local snake.
Given the prestige and power of Ye Fan and Xu Lei in Jiangdong, as long as they return to Jiangdong, no matter how powerful the Xu family and Xue family are, they will inevitably lose track of them in a short time.
However, facing Xu Lei’s worries, Ye Fan shook his head, then chuckled softly and said, “Xiao Lei, don’t worry, it’s okay.”
“Your Xiao Fan brother has grown up.”
“Now I, even if I don’t rely on the Chu family, I still have the power to make these so-called giants bow their heads!”
“What’s more, I still have things to do in Yanjing. If things are not done, how can I return to Jiangdong?”

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