A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 876

It’s like the beautiful snow lotus on the Tianshan Mountains, slowly withering.
The brilliance was dimmed, and the face was lost.
Is this still the beauty president of Hongqi Group?
Is this the Jiangdong goddess who made Jiangdong fight against Li Er?
The girl in front of her is just like a girl who has lost confidence in the future.
Think about it, no matter how strong Xu Lei is outside, but after all, she is only a weak woman after all.
Qiu Mucheng was wronged outside, and after returning home, at least Ye Fan could comfort her and her parents talked.
But what about Xu Lei, she doesn’t have anything at e8928838?
His parents died early, and his only friend is Ye Fan. But he has also become a family and a man.
He no longer only belongs to himself, no longer just her Xiao Fan brother.
Xu Lei didn’t want to disturb Ye Fan’s life.
Therefore, no matter how many things and pain, she can only bury it in her heart by herself.
After all, people’s bearing capacity is limited.
Those negative emotions, but they can’t be told or vented, they will end up like Xu Lei now, almost desperate.
For the future, for life, there is no longer the will to fight.
It’s like a dead old lady, lifeless and full of gloom, where there is the slightest anger of a young woman.
However, just as Xu Lei’s will became more and more depressed, suddenly, there was a melodious piano sound in her ears.
The music is graceful and melodious.
Like the clear spring of the mountain rapids, but also like the gentle breeze in the empty valley.
It is refreshing and intoxicating!
Not only took away all the haze in my heart, even the previous depression and disappointment were swept away at this time.
Until the end of the piano song, but the aftertaste is still there, which is endless aftertaste.
After a long time, Xu Lei recovered from the melodious song.
“Brother Xiaofan, the only thing you haven’t changed for so many years is the melodious harmonica sound.”
Xu Lei looked at Ye Fan, but said with a smile.
Xu Lei and others used to sit by the river and listen to Ye Fan’s harmonica.
At that time, when he heard the sound of Ye Fan’s piano, no matter how tired and bored he was in the day, it would be wiped out.
Looking at the woman in front of him, Ye Fan did not respond to her words. Instead, he put down the harmonica and looked at her: “Xiao Lei, no matter what the future is, I hope you remember that you still have me.”
“Uncle and Auntie are gone, then I will be your way, and I will be your way home!”
“Remember my promise to you back then?”
“When I am strong, I will protect you forever!”
“Even if you marry someone as a wife in the future, you will find your own happiness and destination in the future. The promise of Brother Xiaofan will still be there!”
“An Qi is my sister, and you are even more so.”
“What about your parents?”
“How about uncle being ruthless?”
“What about family injustice?”
“Even if you betray your relatives, then I will be your only relative!”
“As for tomorrow’s things, you don’t have to worry about it.”
“Trust me, the things you don’t want to do, the people you don’t want to marry, no one can force you.”
“My sister of Chu Tianfan, can’t tolerate a little bit of insult!”
The words are majestic and loud.
In the whole room, there was a clanging sound.
Xu Lei was shocked.
Those eyebrows looked at Ye Fan, but they were shining inexplicably.
Xu Lei was startled at that time, her beautiful eyes were red, but her eyes were teary.
In the ears, Ye Fan’s heart was full of anger.

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