A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 878

Today’s Wolong Hotel has become the center of the storm.
As a result, several traffic arteries in the vicinity are restricted in flow, and people who are idle and mixed will all take a detour. Only some of Yanjing’s powerful and famous sects will be allowed to flow in.
“I’ll go, what happened today?”
“This is so good, how can you restrict it?”
“I haven’t heard of leaders coming to inspect?”
At this time, Li Lubin and Li Xiaohong, father and daughter, just drove in from the intersection in front of them, and they soon arrived outside the Wolong Hotel.
However, driving this way over made Li Lubin feel particularly puzzled.
How can the surrounding area of Wolong Hotel be so good that it is restricted?
“If it weren’t for your father, I have some contacts in Yanjing, this time, we are afraid we will have to be stopped outside, let us detour?”
Li Lubin got out of the car, and while walking, he brags to his daughter.
“But Xiaohong, that Mr. Chu you mentioned is really in this Wolong Hotel?”
“He can afford this hotel?”
At this moment, looking at the magnificent hotel in front of him, Li Lubin couldn’t help but wonder.
Li Xiaohong was also a little uncertain.
After all, in Li Xiaohong’s view, even if Ye Fan had some fame in Jiangdong, it was estimated that no one knew him even in Yanjing.
The intersection was restricted just now. If it wasn’t for my father who knew some contacts, even they would not be able to get here.
Therefore, Li Xiaohong had to doubt.
Ye Fan will really live in Wolong Hotel?
Just before Li Xiaohong was talking to Li Lubin, at this time, Ye Fan and Xu Lei were sitting peacefully in the hotel lobby.
Xu Lei was worried, and her palms almost overflowed with cold sweat.
But Ye Fan was calm and relaxed, sitting firmly in the middle army tent, drinking tea very calmly.
After drinking, Ye Fan frowned.
“What kind of tea is this, so terrible?”
“Fine, I’ll go get mine.”
“Xiao Lei, wait for me here for a while. I will go back to the room and bring the tea leaves I brought.”
“I’m used to drinking tea from Yunzhou, but I suddenly changed it. I really don’t get used to it.”
While speaking, Ye Fan immediately got up and turned upstairs to get tea.
Soon, Ye Fan returned to the hall and made a pot of tea skillfully.
I first poured a glass for Xu Lei, and then poured it on myself.
“Xiaohong, is it your friend who pours tea there?”
At this time, at the hotel entrance, Li Lubin pointed to the front and asked his daughter.
Li Xiaohong smiled at a glance: “Dad, it really is.”
“Let’s go quickly.”
After seeing Ye Fan, Li Xiaohong ran over with joy.
As Li Lubin was behind, he couldn’t help but shook his head secretly.
“I just said, why this country boy got into this Wolong Hotel, it turned out to be in the light of his boss.”
Seeing how Ye Fan was pouring tea for Xu Lei just now, he obviously regarded Ye Fan as someone like Xu Lei’s driver and assistant.
“Hey, I don’t know where Xiaohong fell in love with this brat?”
“I don’t need to be born in the country, but I still do the work of serving people with tea and water.”
“It’s just useless~”
Li Lubin shook his head for a while, his impression of Ye Fan was undoubtedly worse.
However, for his daughter, even if Li Lubin didn’t like Ye Fan anymore, he had no choice but to walk up with Li Xiaohong with a straight face.

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