A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 880

Sure enough, Li Xiaohong had already seen Ye Fan’s gradually cold face. The smile and friendliness before, also disappeared at this time.
“Xiaohong, you shut up!”
“This is a conversation between our men. Either sit there and listen quietly, or go out and wait.”
Li Lubin gave a dignified drink, and Li Xiaohong was so frightened that he didn’t dare to speak anymore.
After that, Li Lubin continued to look at Ye Fan, and then the words interrupted by Li Xiaohong before, saying: “But Xiaohong is my daughter after all, even if I don’t catch a cold with you, I have to listen to her opinions and thoughts.”
“Well, I will give you five years to prove yourself to me.”
“In the first three years, I sent you to study abroad and learn your skills outside.”
“If you are successful in your studies, I will let you be the lobby manager of my hotel when you come back.”
“As long as you can make some achievements in my hotel in the remaining two years and prove to me that you are an individual.”
“In this way, I can marry my daughter Xiaohong to you regardless of your origin.”
“Don’t worry, I will bear all your expenses abroad for the first three years and will not increase your burden.”
“If you want, I have already bought the ticket for you. I will go home today, pack my things, and prepare some.”
“Then come to Yanjing to see me within two days from tomorrow.”
“At that time, I will arrange your going abroad.”
Li Lubin said in a deep voice.
In the low tone, there is a kind of majesty and arrogance.
After speaking, Li Lubin put a ticket on the table, then got up and left.
He didn’t even wait for Ye Fan to answer whether he was willing.
No need to wait!
In his opinion, Ye Fan could not refuse.
He has no right to refuse!
He was a poor disciple from the countryside, and it was already a great opportunity to send him abroad for free for further study.
What’s more, after he returned from studying abroad, he gave him the stage to show, and directly asked him to be the lobby manager of his hotel.
Moreover, if he makes achievements, he will also betroth his daughter to him.
This is such a great opportunity, I am afraid that Ye Fan would not have thought of it.
But Li Lubin can’t help it. Who made his daughter fall in love with him?
In order for Li Xiaohong to have a good destination, Li Lubin had no choice but to work hard to train Ye Fan to be worthy of his daughter, right?
“President Li, please stay.”
However, at this moment, Ye Fan’s low voice came from behind him.
Li Lubin listened and shook his head suddenly.
He turned his back to Ye Fan, waved his hand, and replied indifferently.
“If you call me at this time to be grateful to me, saying things like thanking me, respecting me, etc., then you don’t have to.”
“I don’t like listening to these imaginary things.”
“I am a practical person.”
“If you are really grateful to me, then cherish the opportunity I gave you. In the next five years, prove yourself to me with real results.”
“But if you can’t support the wall with mud, please stay away from my daughter.”
“I don’t want my daughter to marry someone in the future as a waste!”
Li Lubin’s words are low and indifferent, full of arrogance and majesty.
Just like, what a blessing I gave Ye Fan.
“Mr. Li, I think you think too much.”
“I don’t want to thank you, I just want you to take your ticket.”
“Thank you for your kindness.”
“But I, Ye Fan, don’t need to prove myself to anyone.”
“Even if needed, that person is not you!”
“A district restaurant owner does not have this qualification yet.”
Ye Fan’s cold voice came out quietly.
Li Lubin immediately froze in place.

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