A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 881

The steps forward stopped suddenly.
Li Lubin was so startled, his old face was green and white.
He thought that Ye Fan stopped him to be grateful to him.
But he didn’t expect that what he waited for would turn out to be Ye Fan’s rejection.
Ye Fan was slapped on the face like a slap.
These words of Ye Fan undoubtedly made Li Lubin extremely embarrassed and unable to step down.
Undoubtedly, Li Lubin’s previous words were completely a joke.
Li Lubin at this moment was extremely angry.
However, he did not immediately explode, but suppressed his anger, turned his head and stared at Ye Fan behind him, with a gloomy voice: “Young man, do you know what those words you just said represent?”
“For Xiaohong’s face, I will give you another chance to reorganize the language.”
“This time, you think it over for me, and say it!”
Li Lubin’s eyebrows were condensed, with cold eyes, he looked at Ye Fan so coldly.
His words are undoubtedly looking for a step for himself.
After all, being so confronted by a junior in public, Li Lubin naturally felt that his face was dull.
Of course, if Ye Fan apologizes to him for this, Li Lubin can also consider it if he accepts it. He hasn’t heard what he said just now and continues to give him that favor.
“Mr. Chu, please, don’t…”
Li Xiaohong also knew that her father seemed to be really angry. She was afraid that the conflict between her father and Ye Fan would be intensified, so she had to look at Ye Fan expectantly.
I hope Ye Fan can say something nice and stop confronting her father for tit-for-tat.
However, Li Xiaohong was disappointed after all.
Li Lubin is not Ye Fan’s father-in-law, and Ye Fan will naturally not be used to him.
Facing Li Lubin’s threatening words, Ye Fan was not polite: “Mr. Li, I said, take back your so-called favors and charities, I don’t need them.”
“No matter how many times you ask me, I still say that.”
“I, Ye Fan, don’t need to prove myself to anyone.”
“Even if needed, that person is not you!”
“A district restaurant owner does not have this qualification yet.”
Ye Fan’s words were cold, as if a gold stone fell to the ground, there was a sound.
Li Lubin’s old face was green, and he immediately furious: “Oh, you arrogant brat!”
“It’s a big tone!”
“Also say I am not qualified?”
“You are a country boy and you are unknown. How come you have the confidence to despise me?!”
“Simply ignorant and fearless, stupid!”
“You stupid lunatic, you still want to marry my daughter, do you dream?”
“I just marry my daughter to a dog, and I will never marry an ignorant fool like you!”
“Good or bad, shameless things~”
Li Lubin was furious.
At this time, his whole person was almost mad.
Put down your prejudices and kindly give favors to Ye Fan.
It’s just that he doesn’t appreciate it, and even dared to speak wildly to offend him?
An unknown country turtle, where does his courage come from?
However, how did Li Lubin know that what he said just now is indeed a great opportunity for ordinary people, a great favor, and ordinary people would really be grateful to Li Lubin.
But unfortunately, the person standing in front of him at this time is Ye Fan!
These words are a blessing to ordinary people, but when they fall into Ye Fan’s ears, they are undoubtedly despising and insulting him.
But at this point, Li Lubin naturally has no need to stay here any longer.
“Xiaohong, come back with me!”
“In the future, if you dare to deal with such idiots, don’t blame me for breaking your leg.”

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