A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 882

“I’m just a waste of serving tea and stinky shoes, and my tone is amazing.”
“Sure enough, people are poor for a reason.”
“Arrogant and ignorant!”
“This kind of mud can’t support the wall.”
“You damn girl, you’re blind too, so you are attracted to such bastards?”
Li Lubin scolded angrily, and then, despite Li Xiaohong’s red brows, he took his daughter’s hand and walked out.
However, who would have thought that at this moment, the door of the hotel burst open.
Immediately afterwards, a young man, ironing texture and wearing a suit, immediately broke in with a group of people.
Those dozens of big bodyguards rushed into the hotel like a tide.
“Listen to my orders and guard all entrances and exits of the hotel.”
“In the next few hours, this Wolong Hotel is only allowed to enter, not to leave!”
“A fly is not allowed to let me go.”
The perm young man put his hands in his pockets, eyes full of majesty, and the voice of icy words quietly sounded in the hotel.
For a time, the whole house was panicked.
The diners who originally ate in the hotel were instantly panicked and pale.
I don’t know at all, what happened?
“Master Wei, why are you here?”
“Say it early, I will also bring you good wine and food, as well as pretty girls ready to serve.”
After hearing the movement, the hotel manager also hurried out. Seeing the visitor, although I was frightened, my face was full of respectful smiles.
This f659fc42 hotel manager, naturally knew the perm young man in front of him.
His name is Wei Wuji, as his name suggests, he is domineering and unscrupulous.
With Xue Minghua from the Xue family, and the eldest son of the Xu family, they are called the Third Young Master of Yanjing!
Although these three people are notorious in Yanjing, they have a big family behind them, so many people in Yanjing city are extremely afraid of them and dare not provoke them.
The supervisor of the Wolong Hotel in front of him naturally didn’t dare to offend, and greeted him kindly.
However, the general manager was still laughing with him, who could have imagined that Wei Wuji kicked it directly. Kick that director directly.
“I’m going to Nima!”
“Shao Te is close to this young master here!”
“Frankly, there is a turtle from Jiangdong named Ye Fan, is he staying in your hotel?”
“Let him get out and die!”
Wei Wuji roared angrily.
For a while, the crowd of diners naturally became more panicked.
They looked around and looked around, all seemingly looking for the person named Ye Fan.
Li Lubin, who was about to leave, immediately became happy.
“Go, Xiaohong, let’s find a place to sit down.”
“Next, I’m afraid I will have fun watching it.”
Li Lubin smiled happily, then as if watching a good show, he took his daughter to find a safe place and sat down.
These people obviously came for Ye Fan.
Ye Fan offended him just now, and Li Lubin was worried and angry.
It’s alright now, someone helped him out of anger.
Li Lubin wants to see, what about Ye Fan next?
“Dad, is Mr. Chu in danger?” Seeing Wei Wuji and the others who came to be unkind, Li Xiaohong paled with fright and worried.
However, Li Lubin sneered, “Why? People are big people, and they looked down on people in the world just now. Even I can’t even see this little thing. For big people like people, it’s not just a matter of minutes. Can it be solved?”
Li Lubin sneered, the words were full of sarcasm and disdain.

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