A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 884

Li Lubin was anxious, and whispered to his daughter.
At this time, everyone had undoubtedly recognized Ye Fan.
For a while, many people’s gazes were all looking at Li Lubin’s previous direction.
I saw there was a handsome man sitting quietly.
When everyone was panicked and panicked just now, he was like an okay person, with a calm expression, drinking tea there comfortably.
“So he is Ye Fan?!”
“Wearing like this, still so young. Is he the only one?”
“Could it be the second generation ancestor of a wealthy family who came out to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger?”
Many people looked at Ye Fan, who was dressed in plain clothes, but they were all surprised.
Obviously, they were all curious about what Li Lubin said just now.
Li Lubin continued to reply at this time: “Isn’t it?”
“Mr. Ye Fan, from a wealthy countryman, has a few acres of fertile land and a villa in Lintian.”
“Everyone eats pure green grains they produce.”
“The good thing is the fine spring water from the century-old well.”
“Isn’t this kind of landlord’s status a big shot?”
Li Lubin sneered.
When the others heard it, they were shocked.
Country giants?
Lintian Villa?
It sounds nice, isn’t it just a farm house?
“Damn! Feelings are just a migrant worker from the country.”
“A terrapin can cause trouble?”
After understanding the meaning of Li Lubin’s words, the guests suddenly exploded, and their gazes at Ye Fan became even more disdainful and disgusting, and they all accused them.
“We are so anxious here, he is doing well, still drinking tea here comfortably?”
“How special is it!”
“It looks young, but it can cause trouble.”
“If you have the ability to provoke it, go out and take it.”
“Hiding here to drink tea, but it hurts us?”
“Is there still a face sitting here?”
“Don’t 22218e94 get out and apologize to Young Master Wei, do you really want to kill us?”
Someone scolded, some scolded.
For a while, all the diners in the hotel verbally criticized Ye Fan, cursing angrily.
After all, people are selfish.
Although everyone knew that if Ye Fan walked over, he would not be able to return.
But, so what?
He offended others himself, who can he blame?
I do not know how to provoke the big people, is it possible that they will not be implicated?
Therefore, all the diners present let Ye Fan out.
“Young man, listen to our advice.”
“It’s not a way for you to hide here.”
“Since you have offended someone, then go over and say something nice to Young Master Wei in a nice way.”
“Maybe, there are a lot of Master Wei Shaoye, if you feel good, I will forgive you.”
“Yes, just sit here and be afraid of having a fart?”
“What did you do early?”
“Do you not know how good you are?”
“A countryman, do you mess with Young Master Wei too?”
“Hurry over and apologize!”
Everyone persuaded you to say a word to me.
There is no shortage of people with hot tempers who directly attacked Ye Fan and told Ye Fan to get out.
The only people present were Xu Lei and Li Xiaohong, who had pretty faces with worries.
Xu Lei clenched her palms, her beautiful eyes looked worried.
But Li Xiaohong was crying and begging to her father, hoping that Li Lubin would help Ye Fan intercede.
“With so many people, they will kill Mr. Chu.”
“Dad, I know you know Master Wei, please, please help Mr. Chu.”

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