A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 888

Xu family, that is one of the four giants of Yanjing.
The last Patriarch of the Xu family, Xu Lei’s father, was the head of a province and the chief official in Xinjiang. It was only one step away from the center of power.
Of course, since Xu Lei’s father accidentally passed away d6210b5f, the power of the Xu family has gradually declined.
But a lean camel is bigger than a horse.
Even if the Xu family is no longer at its peak, relying on the contacts and relationships left by the previous patrons and the Xu family’s many years of management, the Xu family’s strength in Yanjing today is also extremely terrifying.
This kind of force, Li Lubin jumped up and flattered and couldn’t agree with him.
But who would have thought that Ye Fan would kick the old man Xu family?
Xu Wenqing, that is the father of the current Xu Family Patriarch!
Moreover, this is more than that, Ye Fan actually broke Xue Minghua’s leg.
Xue Minghua and his brother Xue Mingzhi have a deep brotherhood.
His own younger brother was beaten into a waste. Will the head of the Xue family, Xue Mingzhi, spare him?
This is obviously impossible.
Which of the Xue family and the Xu family is not a big power in Yanjing City?
One is a century-old family, and the other is Yanjing upstart.
Ordinary people, one of the offenses is the end of the catastrophe, but Ye Fan’s luck is good, and it provokes two at once.
When I thought that I was even stupidly pleading for Ye Fan.
Li Lubin almost freaked out.
Is he looking for death?
Fortunately, the Xue and Xu families have not arrived yet, otherwise, I am afraid that Ye Fan would have to kill them as well.
Until now, Li Lubin finally understood why when he came just now, almost all areas around Wolong Hotel were restricted and closed.
This is the rhythm of revenge by Xue and Xu!
“Master Wei, I don’t know Ye Fan.”
“He is dead or alive, and has nothing to do with our Li family.”
“As for what I said just now, you treat it as if I haven’t said it before, and as if Li Lubin had never been here.”
“I… I have something to do at home, so I will go back first.”
“When I have time in the future, my Li family personally invites Young Master Wei to thank Master Wei for saving my life today.”
With a panic on his face, Li Lubin, after speaking to Li Lubin, turned around and took his daughter out quickly.
However, Li Xiaohong still did not give up.
Brows were flushed, and he was always reluctant to leave, still persuading Li Lubin to help Ye Fan.
“Dad, you promised me to help…”
With a snap.
Before Li Xiaohong finished speaking, Li Lubin slapped him directly.
Li Lubin, who was furious, directly incite Li Xiaohong to the ground.
“Bastard stuff, silence me!”
“For a bastard, do you want our family to die?”
“go home with me!”
“As for him, forget him.”
“He is dead!”
“Crossing into this terrible disaster, the gods will not be able to save him.”
Li Lubin said angrily, and then, ignoring Li Xiaohong’s tearful and sad state, he roughly grabbed her hand and walked out.
However, the entire hotel has been sealed off by Wei Wuji’s people, and they are only allowed to enter but not to leave. And there were many people guarding outside, so Li Lubin and his daughter naturally couldn’t get out.
In the end, Li Lubin had no choice but to take his daughter to the farthest place in the hotel from Ye Fan, hiding from Ye Fan like a plague god.
“Boy, you should give up now, right?”
“Even the person protecting you was scared away.”
“Xue Minghua is my brother, you beat him, I have to kill you today.”
“Don’t roll over and kneel down for death!”
After Li Lubin left, Wei Wuji looked at Ye Fan and scolded again.
However, Ye Fan was not afraid at all.
The whole person sat there, still faintly sipping tea.
After a long time, Ye Fan put down his teacup and asked slowly.
“Are you from the Wei family of Yanjing?”

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