A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 895

not enough?
Let me go to Nima!
After hearing what Ye Fan said, all the guests in the entire hotel exploded directly.
Everyone was almost numb.
What did Ye Fan want to do?
He is a farm turtle, and the Wei family oppresses him, he is not afraid. He was not afraid of the Zhao family oppressing him.
Now that the Xu family and the Xue family are both here, he still utters wild words and speaks a lot?
Half of the rich family of Yanjing City gathered here, but he still didn’t say enough?
What does he want to do?
Is he really going to guard against the sky?
“This idiot is like an idiot!”
“Something that lives and lives?”
“Who does he think he is, Heavenly King Lao Tzu?”
“In front of Patriarch Xue, he is so arrogant?”
At this time, Li Lubin, who was not far away, was undoubtedly frightened when he heard those words of Ye Fan.
He didn’t expect that Ye Fan could be so brave?
The Wei family, the Zhao family, and the Xu family, plus the current Xue family, and the four noble families of Yanjing, were all offended by this 7a144074 Ye Fan.
Before that, Li Lubin even sympathized with Ye Fan.
After all, Ye Fan was still young, so even if he did something wrong impulsively, he could just change it, and he could not die.
But now, Li Lubin found himself wrong.
This Ye Fan is not just impulse at all, but an idiot and stupidity!
He is a country boy, born in poverty and unknown, facing the Xu family and Xue family and other high-ranking families, he didn’t know how to be in awe. Up to now, he still utters wild words and offensively.
This is not just being young and frivolous, but also looking for a dead end!
“He is looking for death by himself, no wonder others!”
“Xiaohong, even if this kind of person really died here today, it would be on their own.”
“Such an idiot, the sympathy for you and me who doesn’t know is not worth your tears for him.”
“From now on, if you don’t want to kill me, or your mother, you will always have nothing to do with him.”
“Otherwise, then our whole family will have to bury these idiots.”
“Do you understand?”
Li Lubin stared at his daughter sharply.
Li Xiaohong had already burst into tears, she didn’t know if it was because of worry or fear, her body was even trembling.
She looked at the thin and helpless figure in front of her from a distance, but tears remained uncontrollably.
She choked in a low voice, listening to her father’s words, her heart stabbed even more.
In the end, Li Xiaohong bit her red lips, and nodded heavily at her father.
Although, Li Xiaohong also wanted to go out bravely like Xu Lei, and stand firmly with Ye Fan.
However, she still couldn’t do it after all.
She also has a father and a mother. She can’t hurt her parents because of her selfishness.
The only thing Li Xiaohong can do now is to worry about that man and cry.
However, Li Xiaohong couldn’t figure it out.
Why, why couldn’t Ye Fan lower his head?
Why must one person fight against so many giants?
Just take it for your loved ones, those who care about him, can’t it?
After all, Li Xiaohong didn’t shout out the words in her heart.
Ahead, after Xue Mingzhi arrived, when he heard Ye Fan’s unceremonious words, his face was expressionless, and he replied in a low voice: “Okay!”
“Ye Fan, right? You deserve to be someone who dared to force Old Man Xu to kneel and abandon my brother’s legs.”
“You are crazy enough!”
“It’s just that I’m very curious. What is your confidence?”

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