A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 899

“However, no wonder the others.”
“No family background, no background, don’t you know how to be a man with your tail clipped?”
“It will end in this way, but also seeking benevolence.”
“This kind of person is not worthy of sympathy.”
Li Lubin shook his head and said coldly.
At this time, the 16 good players in the Xue family had undoubtedly rushed towards Ye Fan.
Those fierce and wicked looks are just like tigers that eat people.
Many people are so scared that they retreat and stay away, for fear that they will be hurt by the fish.
But Li Xiaohong was full of worries, and tears couldn’t help flowing.
Xu Lei stood up in a panic, shouting anxiously to Ye Fan: “Brother Xiaofan, be careful~”
However, Ye Fan’s expression was still calm when all the people in the hall were panicked.
Even when the people of the Xue family were less than one meter away from him, Ye Fan was still enjoying tea, and then smiling faintly.
“Xiao Lei, I said, your brother Xiao Fan is no longer the innocent boy back then.”
“Next, I will show you the true majesty of my Ye Fan!”
While laughing proudly, Ye Fan immediately raised his head, drank the tea in his cup.
With a snap.
Ye Fan put the finished tea cup on the table, got up, turned his head, and said proudly to the panicked lady beside him: “Xiao Lei, pour the tea.”
“Wait until I come back!”
Ye Fan’s words were so heart-stirring.
Ye Fan’s domineering haunting is almost all in the entire hotel.
Many people watched such a scene, their eyes widened in disrespect and astonishment.
The ancient government-warm wine cut Huaxiong, and today Ye Fan, does he want to make tea to fight the heroes?
“This idiot!”
“When you die, you still pretend to be here?”
“It’s just a silly brain.”
“Wait later when the Xue family’s internal guards are all over the floor looking for teeth, do I think he still has the heart to drink tea?”
At this time, Xu Meifeng looked at Ye Fan as if looking at Ye Fan.
Still real majesty?
Pour the tea and drink it back?
Xu Meifeng would almost be laughed to death by Ye Fan’s idiot behavior.
Who does he think he is?
Is Guan Gong alive?
Still want to stage the drama of Wenjiu cutting Huaxiong?
It’s ridiculous!
Ye Fan’s behavior not only caused Xu Meifeng’s ridicule, but also naturally angered Xue Mingzhi.
This is undoubtedly a contempt.
It was a stark contempt for their Xue family.
Xue Mingzhi, how can he not be angry?
“Hit, hit me hard!”
“I want to see, this bastard, when can I pretend?”
However, Xue Mingzhi hadn’t spoken yet, and his assistant had already scolded angrily. Obviously, Ye Fan’s arrogance made him extremely angry.
“Don’t beat me to death, give me a sigh of relief.”
“I still have something to ask him.”
Xue Mingzhi said lightly, with a confident look on his chest.
Obviously it hasn’t started yet, as if he had already seen Ye Fan’s miserable ending.
Also, with so many good players besieging a country boy, no one thought that Ye Fan would have any possibility of a comeback.
At this time, the few people running in the front had already arrived in front of Ye Fan. With a punch with a glove, he smashed towards Ye Fan’s Tianlinggai.
When everyone saw it, they couldn’t bear it.
“I want to see blood~”
“At this time, the bastard will be confused directly, right?”
Many people sigh with emotion.
Li Xiaohong was so frightened that she looked down.
Xu Lei closed her eyes even more.
There was a dull rumbling, not surprisingly.
Immediately afterwards, a bloody figure, like a cannonball, flew out after smashing countless tables and chairs.

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