A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 909

Xu Fengfei, Zao Wou-ki and others were all dumbfounded.
They never thought that Xue Renyang, the old man of the Xue family, would kneel down to a son-in-law from the countryside regardless of his identity?
The scene in front of everyone is like a nuclear explosion in a hotel.
Everyone was stunned and shocked in their hearts!
There was almost a stormy sea.
Xu Meifeng’s eyes widened, and Li Lubin opened her mouth wide, astonished as a rooster pinched around her neck.
Not only outsiders like them, but even Xue Mingzhi and other members of the Xue family, the old eyes were huge, and his face trembled and unbelievable.
“Dad, you…you…”
Xue Mingzhi said silently.
However, Xue Renyang turned a deaf ear to the tremors of everyone around him.
With his knees bent, he almost fell to the ground, and then, in the most humble and most respected tone, he respectfully bowed to Ye Fan.
“Lord Dragon is here, please be respected by Long Yang.”
“It’s that Nizi has no eyes and offended the dragon lord. It’s all due to the old slaves and goddess being innocent, please dragon lord punish!”
Xue Renyang grabbed the ground with his head, his forehead hit the ground heavily, and at the same time, it hit everyone’s hearts fiercely.
Everyone’s hearts jumped fiercely with Xue Renyang’s kowtow.
“This this..”
“what is happening?”
“Is this old man Xue confused?”
“Or, is this Ye Fan a hidden great figure?”
Seeing the scene before him, everyone in the entire hall was filled with horror.
Xu Lei was even more stunned, her jade hand lightly covered her red lips, and those beautiful eyes that looked at Ye Fan were full of shock.
Suddenly, the whole hotel is undoubtedly booed.
A person is almost like a goose.
Among the people in the audience, the only one who could keep calm was perhaps only Ye Fan who was still tasting tea indifferently.
In the face of Father Xue’s panic, Ye Fan did not say to punish or not to punish. He just took a sip from his teacup, and then sneered, “Longyang, right?”
“After so many years, it seems that you have gained a bit of insight.”
“You can recognize me the first time you see me.”
“The dragon lord is extraordinary, and the temperament is refined. Although the old slave has never seen the dragon lord, the majesty of the king in you is something that vulgar people like me cannot have. In this full house, the old slave can naturally recognize it. Out.” Xue Renyang replied respectfully.
Ye Fan listened, but shook his head and smiled: “You know who you are, know who should be offended and who should be respected.”
“But your son, although his name is wise, he is not wise at all, so he should change his name to stupid.”
“That day, your second son offended me. It stands to reason that I should take his life. But for your face, I only broke his legs.”
“But who would have thought that your eldest son Xue Mingzhi, not grateful, brought someone with a gun to kill me.”
“Just now I called you to collect my body.”
“Since you have arrived now, I think, let him solve me with a single shot, and you can just let him collect my body.”
Ye Fanfeng said lightly.
But when Xue Renyang listened, his old face was completely pale.
The whole person is disgusting!
I was shaking all over.
Although Ye Fan’s words were calm and gentle, Xue Renyang was not stupid. He could hear how strong the anger and anger in Ye Fan’s words were.
Even, he almost felt a few inexplicable murderous intentions!

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