A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 912

When the words fell, everyone saw Xue Renyang’s eyebrows cold, and immediately took a pistol from the people of the Xue family.
“Master, don’t do it~”
“That’s your son!”
When the Xue family saw this, they were shocked and bitterly stopped.
They did not expect that in order to forgive Ye Fan, Father Xue would actually take his own son aside!
However, Xue Renyang was determined, how could others persuade him?
The next moment, only heard a bang.
Xue Renyang had already pulled the trigger and hit Xue Mingzhi’s thigh directly.
The buzzing sound of bullets trembled everywhere.
With blood gushing, Xue Mingzhi screamed and screamed immediately, holding his left leg like a dog rolling on the ground frantically, and the red blood stained the floor of the Wolong Hotel.
Everyone’s faces were pale, and they all trembled.
Xu Lei couldn’t bear it even more, and closed her eyes.
However, Ye Fan just sat back and took a sip of tea before looking at Xue Renyang.
Others can’t see Xue Renyang’s thoughts, can Ye Fan fail to see it?
“Father Xue, you really took great pains to protect your son.”
“Fine, now that you have done this, that’s it for today.”
“Don’t worry, I will not pursue the Xue family and your son’s fault today.”
“Thanks to the dragon lord benevolence! The kindness of the dragon lord today, my Xue family will remember it for generations, and will never forget it!” Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Xue Renyang was like a pardon, and he knelt down at Ye Fan with a bang, thanking him again and again.
However, Ye Fan shook his head: “Don’t worry, thank you.”
“Before this, I have to ask your son a few words.”
While talking, Ye Fan was holding a tea cup while turning his head to look at Xue Mingzhi who hugged his legs, moaning and crying sadly. He smiled faintly: “Xue Mingzhi, I ask you, your father abolished you in order to make amends for me. Can you serve it?”
“Serve, I…I serve.” Xue Mingzhi replied immediately without hesitation.
Ye Fan took a sip of tea and said with a smile: “Then I will ask you again, I will cut your brother’s future and take your brother’s fiancĂ©e, can you take it?”
“Fufufu, I will take it!” Xue Mingzhi endured the severe pain, shouting in fear.
Ye Fan drank a cup, his eyes were cold, and he drank angrily: “I ask you last, I hurt your clan guard, hurt your face, let you kneel down and beg for mercy, can you take it?”
“Serve, I’ll take it, I’m convinced!” Xue Mingzhi’s brows were red and the pain was unbearable, and he still shouted.
After learning about Ye Fan’s identity, Xue Mingzhi is undoubtedly no longer disrespectful.
2974b6a4 Just like his father said, Ye Fan can let them Xue family go to the top, so they can let the Xue family go down.
Ye Fan gave them ten thousand tens of thousands of family wealth, gave them overwhelming power, and can also make them the Xue family’s power for half of their lives overnight!
“In that case, go away.”
“If the treatment is timely, you may still be able to keep your leg.”
Ye Fan gave a chuckle, waved his hand, and motioned for Xue Mingzhi to leave.
Xue Renyang was grateful for Dade, and quickly asked the people to send his son to the hospital for treatment.
After all, as a father, he certainly doesn’t want to see that his son will be disabled for life.

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