A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 913

“Old Xue, did your Xue family just leave like this?”
“Your daughter-in-law just let him take him away?”
“That’s all about your son’s broken leg?”
“You didn’t pursue his insult e2e86c31 and offense to your Xue family before?”
In fact, apart from Xue Mingzhi and Xue Renyang, no one else knows what happened, let alone what happened.
This is so good, why are the Xue family kneeling?
Is this Ye Fan really an expert?
Everyone was puzzled.
Wei Lin, the elder of the Wei family, couldn’t help but wondered, and he immediately walked out and asked Xue Renyang incomprehensibly.
“Yes, Old Xue.”
“We, the Zhao family and the Wei family, came here today, but they are both for your platform.”
“It’s great now, there is no explanation about the matter, you are going to leave?”
“There is a beginning and an end, always give us an explanation!”
Zao Wou-ki also stood up and said.
After all, if you want to deal with Ye Fan today, you can rely on the Xue family.
Now that the Xue family is going to withdraw, how do the remaining ones still play?
But Zao Wou-ki deliberately wanted to get rid of Ye Fan and avenge Jiangdong’s revenge. Of course, he did not want to let the Xue family go.
“Old Xue, don’t forget, how did your Xue family guarantee to my big brother yesterday.”
“Today’s matter, if we just let it go, tomorrow we Xue family and Xu family will be ashamed in this Yanjing city!”
Xu Fengfei also said with dissatisfaction.
Today, their Xu family didn’t bring anyone over. After all, the Xue family patted their chest yesterday and assured them that they would settle the Ye Fan’s affairs.
Therefore, he and Xu Meifeng came here today to set up a scene.
The real main attack was the Xue family.
But now that the Xue family is trying to run away, Xu Fengfei is of course also panicked.
You know, what happened today, the entire Yanjing city is waiting for the results. If they can’t deal with a gangster from Jiangdong even if they are so aggressive, then what face does their Xu family have as a Yanjing giant?
However, Xue Renyang’s face was gloomy in the face of the questions of Zhao, Wei and Xu.
He ignored the Zhao family and the Xu family. After all, these two were not related to the Xue family. They wanted to offend Ye Fan, so they followed them.
But the Wei family has something to do with their Xue family.
Especially Wei Lin, and Xue Renyang’s eldest brother-in-law, there are some things he must explain to Wei Lin.
“Why, Mr. Wei, according to you, are you not going to let Mr. Chu go?”
“Want our Xue family to get ahead and avenge your grandson and nephew?”
Xue Renyang asked back.
Wei Lin immediately replied: “Old Xue, Minghua is my nephew, isn’t it your Xue family?”
“What’s more, is it only your Xue family’s contribution today? In order to deal with this bastard, is it possible that our Wei family did not come out?”
Wei Lin said displeased.
But Xue Renyang raised his eyebrows, and then said in a deep voice: “Wei Lin, Wei Lin, I still think you are a shrewd person. Now it seems that you are just an old fool.”
“Still thinking of dealing with Mr. Chu?”
“I tell you, with so many people present, apart from my Xue family, the one who is least qualified to offend Mr. Chu is your Wei family!”
“If it weren’t for Mr. Chu, do you think you could become a group president worth hundreds of millions from a delivery worker?”
“If it weren’t for Mr. Chu, do you think you can become a Yanjing stock god if you can become famous?”
“Could it be from the Dragon Lord, you Wei Lin, your Wei family, can you achieve today?”

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