A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 914

Xue Renyang uttered angrily, asking several questions, but others could not understand, but these words fell into Wei Lin’s ears, but they were only like a thunderstorm.
At that time, Wei Lin’s pupils shrank, and the whole face was astonished as if he was struck by lightning, and he lost his voice: “You…you mean, he…he is that…that, dragon breeder?”
Yes, Wei Lin was able to double the principal amount of tens of thousands of times in just a few years to become a financial tycoon of Yanjing stocks.
What does it depend on?
Is it really his own outstanding stock trading talent?
That’s nonsense!
If he was really so good, how could he suddenly withdraw from the stock market a few years ago, put his good money and not make money, but no longer enter the market?
Is he really pure-hearted and doesn’t like money?
of course not!
Before Wei Lin’s fortune, he was nothing but a takeaway. When he was playing stocks, he was a stumbling stock boy who only knew some basic knowledge.
The reason why he was able to beat the wind and rain in the stock market and survive the bulls and bears without failing was entirely based on the remote guidance of a mysterious person with the QQ nickname “Dragon Raiser”.
To put it bluntly, Wei Lin is just the puppet of the “dragon breeder”. He knows the stock market, and he just buys whatever the “dragon breeder” asks him to buy.
The last big profit has created an immortal legend in the stock market.
But unfortunately, a few years ago, after Wei Lin disobeyed one of his orders, the QQ account nicknamed “Dragon Breeder” ceased to be online, and the avatar was grayed out for several years.
Wei Lin waited for him for several years, and also looked for him for several years.
At the very beginning, Wei Lin also relied on the knowledge he learned from the dragon breeder and operated it several times by himself, but he lost 30 million in three days.
In the end, Wei Lin was also considered courageous. Knowing that he entered the stock market without the guidance of an expert, it was nothing more than waiting for someone to cut the leeks. Sooner or later, he ruined his reputation and lost his family business, so he immediately retired. High-profile delisting.
Said that it is safe to take care of the old, not going out again.
In the next few years, I didn’t know how many financial tycoons, and political tycoons wanted to ask him to come out, or ask him to manage industries such as bond trusts, but Wei Lin refused.
Outsiders think that he is high-spirited and eloquent, and believes in his words.
But others do not know, Xue Renyang knows.
He Wei Linliang is a fart!
He was completely guilty, knowing he didn’t have that ability.
However, Wei Lin has been looking for this “dragon breeder” all these years, and now Xue Renyang says that this person is right in front of him, of course Wei Lin is shocked.
He looked at Ye Fan with his old eyes, and it was really hard to believe that the expert named “Dragon Raiser” was the junior young man in front of him who was enough to be his grandson?
If it was him, how old was he a few years ago?
Afraid you are just a teenager?
Can a minor guide him in the stock market?
is it possible?
The prodigy is not so good, right?
So when he heard Xue Renyang’s words, Wei Lin trembled and couldn’t believe it.
At this time, Ye Fan’s faint voice sounded at the right time.
“Unexpectedly, after so many years, you still remember the “dragon breeder”.”
“Back then, if you listened to me and bought stocks in Xunteng stocks, now the four largest Yanjing giants, at least you have the Wei family.”
“It’s a pity that you, back then, lost a bit of courage.”
Ye Fan shook his head and said, when he talked about the things of the year again, Ye Fan’s words were somewhat regretful.
What he regrets is not that he has made hundreds of billions less. What he regrets is that he wasted his time on a bug.
“I was a dragon breeder, but I have a worm.”
“Back then, after all, it was me, so I looked away~”
With a sigh, it caused the whole hall to tremble.

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