A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 915

Like thunder, after hearing Ye Fan’s words, Wei Lin was undoubtedly stunned instantly.
Because of shock and disbelief, a pair of eyeballs almost jumped out at this moment.
He… how could he know this?
How did he know that the last 6f60cfd9 instruction given to him by the dragon breeder back then was to buy the stock of Xun Teng Group in a whole position?
Could it be that what Xue Renyang said just now was really unsuccessful?
After hearing what Ye Fan had just said, at this moment, Wei Lin had almost set off a monstrous wave in his heart.
In my mind, there was a crazy idea that flashed out.
He turned his head, his old eyes looked at Ye Fan tremblingly: “Are you…you really, that…that, dragon breeder?”
“How is it? How is it not?”
“Does it make sense to say this now?”
Facing Wei Lin’s tremor, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.
He sipped his tea lightly, warmed up, and replied lightly. Feng Qingyun looked calm, as if he were telling something that had nothing to do with him.
“You brat, are you still playing mystery here?”
“Old Wei, you must not be fooled by this idiot.”
“He is just a turtle from a small place.”
Xu Meifeng came over at this time and pointed at Ye Fan and cursed angrily.
She just couldn’t understand Ye Fan’s pretense.
It’s just a turtle, what kind of costume does he pretend?
The Xue family was an idiot and was deceived by Ye Fan.
Could it be that he thought that just a few words in his own words could make the Wei family kneel and beg for mercy?
However, who would have thought that as soon as Xu Meifeng’s own voice fell, Xue Lin in front of her pushed her away, and then with a bang, she also knelt down to Ye Fan.
“The teacher is here, and the disciple will worship!”
“We, Wei Lin, will never forget the kindness of my teacher’s teaching.”
“The disciples have been looking for you all these years.”
“I just want to repay the teacher who taught me respectfully!”
Wei Lin knelt down and worshiped. In his words, there was respect, joy, and a deep gratitude and thanks.
Draught does not forget the digger!
As Xue Renyang said just now, Wei Lin himself knew that he, a takeaway kid, could gain a foothold in Yanjing, undoubtedly a gift from the dragon breeder.
And Ye Fan knows everything that happened back then, coupled with Xue Renyang’s identification from the side, Wei Lin undoubtedly has no doubt about Ye Fan’s identity as a dragon breeder!
After all, only he and the dragon breeder knew the details at the time.
At that time, the global financial crisis broke out, the world economic outlook was worrying, the stock markets of all countries fell to the ground, and the entire world economy fell into recession.
Because Wei Lin got Ye Fan’s advice in advance, three months before the crisis broke out, Wei Lin had already cleared the position and escaped.
Dangerous and dangerous to avoid the stock market crash!
At that time, Wei Lin was holding hundreds of millions of funds. For the sake of insurance, he wanted to deposit the bank to buy the national debt and eat interest.
However, Ye Fan suggested that he enter the stock market and buy the stocks of a group, and buy Maotai liquor stocks with 20 to 30% of the position.
However, Wei Lin was afraid of gains and losses after receiving the funds, and did not dare to take big risks. Therefore, due to the uncertainty of the stock market, he did not implement Ye Fan’s instructions.
At this point, Ye Fan saw that Wei Lin lacked courage, so he gave up supporting him.
That’s why, since that day, the dragon breeder never said a word to him.
Later, time undoubtedly proved the correctness of Ye Fan’s decision.

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