A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 917

Ye Fan’s words were like a basin of cold water pouring down, Wei Lin’s originally hot heart suddenly became cold.
An old face turned pale immediately.
In my heart, there are regrets and losses, but more, there are endless regrets.
It seems that his mentor did not forgive him after all.
However, Wei Lin did not complain.
Whether it was then or now.
It was also Wei Lin who made and suffered by himself, and blamed himself.
After all, before that, Wei Lin had boasted about going to Haikou, saying that he would punish Ye Fan’s family and let Ye Fan corpse here.
Anyone who is threatened like this will probably feel angry in his heart.
Ye Fan didn’t punish himself, he was already very kind to their Wei family.
Thinking of this, Wei Lin was full of regret and sighed long.
Back then, a great opportunity was missed by him.
Unexpectedly, when this opportunity appeared in front of him again, he missed it again.
Perhaps this is fate.
As Ye Fan said, he was a dragon breeder, so how could he raise a worm?
Wei Lin might be a bug in Ye Fan’s eyes.
No longer paying attention to the gaze behind him, Ye Fan and Xu Lei had already left the hotel.
“A bunch of idiots, what are they still doing?”
“Don’t you go to the front to clear the way for Mr. Chu asylum?”
Xue Renyang yelled angrily, and then ordered his men to give Ye Fan a shelter in front.
And Xue Renyang himself immediately followed respectfully.
“Old Xue, don’t you go?”
“Does this matter?”
“Are you serious about leaving Ye Fan for nothing?”
“Don’t forget, how did you promise to our Xu family last night!”
When Xue Renyang was about to leave, the Xu family was undoubtedly anxious.
Especially Xu Fengfei, when he came, he promised to avenge the old man while taking Xu Lei home.
But now, nothing is done!
If this is the end, how can Xu Fengfei go back to work?
And what’s the face of their Xu family?
“Old Xue, this thing really can’t just be the case!”
“Tell me, what are the difficulties of your Xue family?”
“Could it be that someone has a handle in his hand?”
“Tell me, e7eb1de4, our Xu family can help you!”
“Our Xu family is one of the four giants, and China has contacts in all walks of life~”
Anxiously, Xu Fengfei ran after him, pulling Xue Renyang to ask again and again.
“Fool, don’t you go away?!”
However, Xue Renyang ignored Xu Fengfei’s palm.
“Xu Fengfei, I warn you.”
“If you want to die, don’t pull our Xue family!”
“My two sons have already been crippled by you. Do you want to kill my old man and give you the Xu family a funeral?”
At this time, Father Xue wanted to kick the Xu family to death.
If it weren’t for their Xu family’s instigation, how could his son Xue Mingzhi make such a big mistake today?
In the anger, Xue Renyang ignored the Xu family, turned around and walked away.
Xu Fengfei’s expression was undoubtedly extremely embarrassed after being scolded by Xue Renyang.
“Huh, something.”
“This Xue Renyang is shameless!”
“Old Wei, your brother-in-law is getting old, and his brain is not working well.”
“I kindly want to help him, whether he has any handles in his hands by that stinky boy.”
“It’s fine if he doesn’t appreciate him, and dare to insult me?”
“But don’t worry about Mr. Wei, the Xue family is the Xue family, you are you, and I will not anger to your Wei family.”
“As long as your Wei family is willing to work for my Xu family, the humiliation of today’s shoes, my Xu family will definitely get it back for you in the future!”

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