A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 919

“This is a real dragon.”
“No wonder the second lady of the Xu family would rather follow him as a junior.”
“Hey, it’s a pity, we don’t know him.”
“Otherwise, I must marry my daughter too!”
“Even if you can’t be Mr. Chu’s wife, just like Miss Xu Er, you can be a lover!”
After Ye Fan left, everyone in the hotel was talking about it.
After changing his previous disdain and ridicule towards Ye Fan, his words were full of respect and admiration.
Some of the young women have even more fiery eyes, and they can’t wait to catch up and give Ye Fan a hug now.
Even some married women almost couldn’t help but chase after them and ask Ye Fan for WeChat.
Listening to the discussion of the people around, Li Lubin in the crowd was very unhappy.
After experiencing the things just now, Li Lubin has undoubtedly realized that this Ye Fan is really a big shot.
Originally, their family undoubtedly had a great opportunity to hold Ye Fan’s thigh.
Even he could become his old man.
But all this was messed up by him.
“Xiaohong, I’m sorry.”
“Dad was wrong.”
“It’s father, ruined your happiness~”
Li Lubin was full of regret.
Until now, he didn’t realize who he was despised just now? What was the chance they missed just now.
It is conceivable that the old man of the Xue family can bow his head to beg for mercy, you can imagine what kind of monstrous person Ye Fan is!
Xue’s family is the new nobility of Yanjing, and a little bit of it at the fingertips of such a high-ranking family is enough to make their home endless.
And Ye Fan was obviously more powerful than that Xue family.
Originally, if nothing had happened before, given the relationship between Li Xiaohong and Ye Fan, Li Lubin would definitely be able to hold these thighs.
But now…
“Hey, I didn’t expect that I, Li Lubin, who was a shrewd life, would not be as good as my daughter in the last look at people.”
Li Lubin sighed for a long time, and the words were filled with endless regret and bitterness.
Li Xiaohong didn’t speak, but his eyebrows were flushed, with beautiful eyes, he was dazed and stared at Ye Fan’s back gradually away in front of him.
No one knew what Li Xiaohong was thinking about at this time?
“Dragon Lord, Wei Lin, the old thing, is just a little pedantic.”
“But his heart is not bad.”
“It’s definitely not intentional to offend you, Dragon Lord.”
“Moreover, for so many years, he has been looking for you, wanting to return your kindness back then.”
“So Dragon Lord, I hope you can bypass the Wei family this time.”
On the way back, it seemed that Ye Fan might attack the Wei family because of Wei Lin’s offense. Xue Renyang hesitated for a long time before he whispered to help the Wei family intercede.
Wei Lin is Xue Renyang’s brother-in-law after all, and the reason why the Wei family came out this time was also to avenge their younger son Xue Minghua.
Xue Renyang had to help the Wei family because of emotion and reason.
After Ye Fan heard it, he sneered: “You Xue family yourself are all mud bodhisattvas. It’s hard to protect yourself, but now you start to intercede with others?”
“Dragon Lord forgive my sins, it’s not the old slave that I just take care of my business, mainly…” Xue Renyang suddenly panicked when he heard Ye Fan’s slightly angry voice, and explained again and again.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “Okay, don’t talk nonsense. Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass the Wei family with today’s affairs.”
“Wei Lin’s old thing, pedantic and inaction, wasted a lot of my time on him. Now I naturally won’t waste time on him.”

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