A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 921

Xu Lei naturally knew something about Ye Fan and the Chu family.
When Ye Fan was swept out by the Chu family, Xu Lei was always worried about Ye Fan’s situation. The purpose of establishing the Red Flag Group was also to give Ye Fan a place to settle down after finding Ye Fan in the future.
However, good luck tricks people, and the group she founded was eventually stolen by the Xu family.
Today, the Red Flag Group in Yunzhou is undoubtedly sent by the Xu family.
However, Ye Fan’s achievements far exceeded Xu Lei’s expectations.
Can families like the Xue family bow their heads, guessing that their so-called Hongqi Group is nothing in Ye Fan’s eyes, right?
For Xu Lei’s praise, Ye Fan didn’t feel humble, but smiled proudly: “That is, don’t look at whose Xiao Fan brother I am?”
“My little sister, Xiaolei, is born with stunning talents, she has both talents and looks. If my elder brother doesn’t have the ability, don’t talk about protecting you, I am afraid I will have to let you shelter.”
“I’m a big man, isn’t this shameful?”
Ye Fan’s words are like the warm breeze in the spring, Xu Lei only feels extra warm and sweet.
For a while, the eyebrows of the beautiful woman in front of her turned slightly red.
For so many years, Xu Lei worked alone outside, his parents passed away, and the family was ruthless.
Now that the person who can treat her so nicely is just her Xiao Fan brother, right?
“Xiao Lei, what’s the matter?” Seeing Xu Lei’s expression a little strange, Ye Fan asked worriedly.
Xu Lei immediately shook her head, suppressed the emotions in her heart, and then turned to smile and said, “Brother Xiaofan, just tell me something to fool me. If you know shame, how can you become the son-in-law of the Qiu family?”
“Even if you really can’t find a wife, you don’t have to wrong yourself so much. It really doesn’t work, isn’t there still me…”
As Xu Lei spoke, her pretty face blushed. At the end, her voice was also inaudible, and she didn’t know if Ye Fan could hear her clearly.
Ye Fan immediately scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly: “This matter, it was also forced by the situation at the time, so I had to do it.”
“But Xiao Lei, you don’t have to feel wronged for me. In fact, Mucheng treats me very well, but this woman is a little bit cold and arrogant, and she won’t let me sleep in her bed after so many years of marriage.”
For Xu Lei, Ye Fan naturally had no scruples.
When she was a child, Ye Fan had already regarded her as his best friend, and now he regards Xu Lei as his own sister.
Between Xu Lei and Xu Lei, Ye Fan naturally didn’t care about being ashamed, so he just said anything.
“Puff chuff~”
However, after hearing Ye Fan’s words, Xu Lei couldn’t help it after all and let out a chuckle.
“Brother Xiaofan, you have been married for so many years, but you actually…”
Xu Leiyu covered her red lips lightly with her hand, and sneered.
The laughter was tactful, trembling like flowers. But it is very beautiful.
If someone else sees it, they will definitely be intoxicated and lost because of Xu Lei’s beautiful smile.
But Ye Fan was not in the mood to watch such a beautiful scenery, and his old face was completely black at the moment.
“Well, you damn girl, how dare you laugh at me?”
“I really thought you grew up and became the goddess of Jiangdong, the majestic president, I dare not teach 56490262 you?”
Ye Fan put on a look of “domestic violence”, and said fiercely at Xu Lei with his teeth and claws.
However, Xu Lei was not at all afraid. She said that I was wrong and would never dare anymore, but she still couldn’t help it, giggling.

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