A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 922

In Xu Lei’s impression, his Xiao Fan brother is extremely arrogant.
After suffering all the humiliation in the Chu Family, Ye Fan has never lowered his head like anyone else.
Now facing the Yanjing wealthy family, Ye Fan is even more grim, and stepped down half of Yanjing with his peerless majesty and majesty.
However, Xu Lei is really hard to imagine that the Jiangdong hero, who is unparalleled outside and respected by countless bigwigs, has such a low status in the family?
After three years of marriage, I never even climbed up my wife’s bed.
It stands to reason that Xu Lei should sympathize with her brother Xiao Fan’s “miserable” encounter, but Xu Lei couldn’t help it. The silver bell-like laughter flowed, and Xu Lei almost bent over with a smile.
“Bad girl, are you still smiling?”
“Does your Xiaofan brother don’t want face?”
“If you laugh again, I’ll twist your face!”
Ye Fan’s face was dark, and even “angry”, and finally threatened directly.
But the dead girl was still smiling. In desperation, Ye Fan was about to scare him, reaching out his hand to twist Xu Lei’s pretty white face.
“Brother Xiaofan, I was wrong, don’t do it~”
Xu Lei immediately begged for mercy, but still smiled.
“Mr. Chu, what the old man asked me to send you, look at…”
However, at this moment, the door of the room was pushed open, and Xue Mingxin walked in with a delicate small iron box.
Before he finished speaking, Xu Lei looked up and saw that Xu Lei’s clothes were messy, her face flushed and she was pushed down on the sofa by Ye Fan, still yelling not to not.
“Yes… I’m sorry 6f34f20c.”
“Mr. Chu, I don’t know that you and Miss Xu are there…”
“Um, the things are left, you continue… continue.”
Xue Mingxin’s old face twitched, and he was immediately embarrassed.
Then he quickly put down his things, turned his head and left.
“Stupid stupid, it’s time to knock.”
“But Mr. Chu is really impatient~”
“It’s not dark this day?”
Outside the door, Xue Ming remorse and blame himself again and again, very terrified.
However, when he was frightened, Xue Mingxin shook his head and smiled bitterly.
I just think it’s nice to be young, you can do whatever you want.
“But I didn’t expect that Miss Xu Er is usually cold and majestic, graceful and luxurious, but under Mr. Chu’s body, she immediately becomes a finger soft ~”
Thinking of this, Xue Mingxin admired and admired Ye Fan again.
Sure enough, a bit of tofu in brine, one thing falls one thing.
Xue Mingxin went away quickly, naturally not daring to disturb Ye Fan and their good deeds.
In the dare room, Ye Fan and Xu Lei were a little embarrassed.
“That…that, Xiao Lei, don’t mind, I’ll smoke the unobstructed thing later.”
“Dare to talk nonsense~”
After being misunderstood just now, Ye Fan has quickly left the sofa.
Although Ye Fan and Xu Lei are like brothers and sisters, they are not young after all, and it is indeed time to pay attention to their identity.
Now that people are misunderstood, Ye Fan doesn’t care much, but Xu Lei, a daughter, is always detrimental to her reputation.
If it spreads out, how should we marry in the future?
“Little… Brother Xiaofan, it’s okay, I don’t care.”
Xu Lei’s pretty face flushed with fire, she was talking shyly, but she kept her head down, embarrassed to look at Ye Fan.
For a while, the atmosphere in the room turned out to be a bit awkward.
Ye Fan only felt uncomfortable, so he looked around, trying to find a staggering topic.
At this time, he noticed the tin box that Xue Renyang had sent.
“Yeah, this iron box is very delicate.”
“It’s probably a gift from Xue Renyang’s old stuff, right?”
“Xiao Lei, let’s open it and take a look.”
Ye Fan smiled.
Xu Lei nodded, and after Ye Fan turned off the topic, the blush on her pretty face really faded a bit.
Afterwards, a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Ye Fan’s hands.
Ye Fan didn’t hesitate, and opened the tin box with a snap.
But when he saw what was inside, Ye Fan’s face turned black.

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