A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 923

I saw that in the exquisite tin box, it was placed, surprisingly well packaged… Durex.
“This old thing!”
Ye Fan cursed secretly in his heart.
What does Xue Renyang think of Ye Fan?
Or what do you think of Xu Lei?
Did they really think that Xu Lei was her own lover?
Ye Fan felt helpless with 4197b744.
Originally, he still wanted to switch the topic to ease the embarrassment, but now it’s better, the atmosphere is undoubtedly more embarrassing.
Sure enough, Xu Lei had already blushed when she saw the temperament inside, turned her head, stopped talking, and didn’t know what to say.
When Ye Fan saw this, he knew that he would be uncomfortable any longer, so he quickly found a reason to go out for a walk.
at the same time.
Yanjing People’s Hospital.
Xue Mingzhi had just finished the operation, and the bullet on his thigh had been taken out.
Due to the timely delivery, Xue Mingzhi’s legs can undoubtedly be saved if he recuperates well in the future.
At this time, in front of the hospital bed, Xue Renyang looked at his son and said earnestly: “Wise, don’t blame Dad for being cruel.”
Xue Mingzhi smiled hard, his expression weak: “Dad, I don’t blame you.”
“I know, you are also trying to save me.”
“If you keep my leg, then Mr. Chu breaks my life.”
“This matter, no one can blame others, I can only blame my son for being blind, impulsive, and bewitched by others. In the end it ended up like this, and it was my fault.”
Xue Mingzhi was full of sorrow and pale, and said solemnly to his father.
What happened today is undoubtedly a huge lesson and setback for Xue Mingzhi.
If it weren’t for his father to come forward, I’m afraid he would not only harm himself, but also the Xue family.
Hearing Xue Mingzhi’s words, Xue Renyang nodded in relief: “Jing Ming, if you can think so, my father is relieved.”
“Mr. Chu not only has the kindness to support my Xue family, but also has someone who can do it.”
“You can hate your father, but you must never hate him.”
“Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable.”
“You provoke Mr. Chu today, and you have committed a terrible disaster. Mr. Chu is benevolent and he just spared your life, but you have a hatred for him. My husband is afraid that he will never spare you again.”
“Wise, you should remember what father said today.”
“In this world, anyone can provoke, but only Mr. Chu, we can’t provoke, nor can we provoke!”
Xue Renyang said in a deep voice, full of solemnity.
For so many years, Xue Renyang has worked under Ye Fan’s hands, knowing Ye Fan’s grandeur and terrifying energy.
Although, what Ye Fan revealed in ordinary days was only the tip of the iceberg.
But Xue Renyang knew very well that this seemingly ordinary man was holding an extremely terrifying empire of power!
Xue Renyang also didn’t know how many forces like their Xue family did for Ye Fan!
Xue Mingzhi nodded his head: “Dad, my child remembered it. Don’t worry, Mr. Chu is also a person admired by his son. In today’s matter, his son will never complain to Mr. Chu.”
“If you want to blame, you can only blame Xu Fengliang’s old dog.”
“Think about it now, the Xu family are really shrewd. I didn’t do anything, so I ran there to watch the show, but treated our Xue family as gunmen, and married the woman Mr. Chu liked to our Xue family. This is clear. Do you harm us by provoking our relationship with Mr. Chu?”

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