A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 924

Speaking of the Xu family, Xue Mingzhi was immediately full of resentment and bitterly, almost gritted his teeth with anger.
Upon seeing this, Xue Renyang immediately calmed down and said: “Wise, you can heal your wounds with peace of mind. As for our affairs with the Xu family, let me handle it.”
Xue Renyang stayed in the hospital for a while, and when it was getting late, he left and returned to the family.
However, not long after Xue Renyang left, Xue Mingzhi’s cell phone rang.
“Xue Dong, your phone.”
The assistant’s voice came.
Xue Mingzhi was lying on the hospital bed with his eyebrows closed. He didn’t know what he was thinking, and he faintly replied, “Is the company’s phone number? You answer it. If you have anything to do, then ask Mingxin. This time , Let Mingxin be solely responsible for the company‚Äôs chores.”
“Xue Dong, it’s not the company phone. It’s the head of the Xu family, Xu Fengliang.” The assistant whispered back.
“Does he have the face to call me?”
“Give me the phone!”
After hearing the call from the Xu family, Xue Mingzhi’s eyes opened slightly, and he snorted and took the phone immediately.
“Xue Dong, I waited for your call and waited for a day.”
“I thought you would take the initiative to call me, but until now, your Xue family hasn’t even said a word.”
“How did you promise me last night?”
“Now, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”
On the other side of the phone, a middle-aged man came with a majestic and sullen voice.
The tone was even more aggressive, and as soon as he came up he gave Xue Mingzhi an explanation.
“Explain your mother’s size!”
However, in the face of the sullenness of the Xu Family Patriarch, Xue Zhizhi was already angry, and now the Xu Family still has the face to blame him, Xue Mingzhi no doubt exploded in an instant.
It’s just a curse!
“Xu Fengliang, your abacus is really wonderful.”
“If you don’t show up, let’s use the Xue family as a gunman!”
“Explain it to you?”
“What face do you have to explain to the Xue family!”
“It’s a disaster to marry Mr. Chu’s woman to my Xue family.”
“If it weren’t for my Xue family to wake up in time and rein in the precipice, I’m afraid it would be killed by your Xu family beasts today.”
“This is also through the phone, believe it or not, if you stand in front of me, I will have to kick you to death today!”
“Things that do not live or die, don’t harm us if you want to die.”
“Don’t let you see you, otherwise I will see you once and beat you once!”
Xue Mingzhi shouted angrily.
It seems that he has transferred all the humiliation and frights he suffered today to the Xu family.
In Xue Mingzhi’s view, this Xu family is simply not at ease.
Xu Lei is his own niece, and his niece has been with Mr. Chu. Would their Xu family know?
But they still marry Miss Xu Er to their Xue family.
This is not meant to harm their Xue family, what can this be?
What made Xue Mingzhi even more angry was that Xu Fengliang called him last night and encouraged him to add to the flames!
In the end, he drove a catastrophic disaster, and now he is bedridden, almost a waste.
All of this was caused by the Xu family, and it was also the family that contributed to the flames in the Xu family.
Xue Mingzhi now has the heart to kick Xu Fengliang to death, how could he be kind to him?

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