A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 930

Ye Fan frowned: “Why, don’t you believe me?”
“No no no, Dragon Lord, how could I not believe you, I’m just worried about your safety.”
“However, since the Dragon Lord has decided, then follow me to the Lin Family.”
“It happened that I also introduced the Dragon Lord to Zhao Laosi and Lin Feng.” Xue Renyang said in a deep voice.
Ye Fan was a little puzzled: “Does this matter need to be made by others?”
“Dragon Lord, let’s talk about this on the road.”
Then, a black Land Rover car drove out of Xue’s house and hurried towards Lin’s villa.
On the way, Xue Renyang gave a detailed introduction to the underground boxing match.
It turns out that in this underground boxing match, each martial arts gym can only send one person to participate.
The Longyang Wuguan was founded by the Xue family, but for some reason, the Zhao family and the Lin family also participated in the capital injection.
Therefore, the actual control of Longyang Wuguan is now in the hands of the Xue family, Zhao family, and Lin family.
Therefore, Xue Renyang alone cannot decide who is allowed to play.
“At the beginning, the four giants of Yanjing saw that our three were developing too fast, so all parties tried to suppress our Xue family and Zhao family.”
“Almost every year of underground boxing matches, our Xue family will be exploited by the four giants.”
“At that time, the Xue family was still young, but it was difficult for our family to compete with the four wealthy families. As a last resort, my Xue family formed an alliance with the Zhao family and the Lin family.”
“Only then can I barely resist the suppression of the Xu family and other wealthy families.”
“Yenjing’s name of “Three New Nobles” is also derived from this.”
“And Longyang Wuguan is the product of our three alliances.”
Inside the car, Xue Renyang slowly explained to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan nodded: “When you are weak, it is indeed an excellent choice to form an alliance with others.”
“You made a good move with this move.”
While talking, the car Ye Fan and the others were riding in had already reached a manor.
“Dragon Lord, it’s already b617a442.”
“This is the Lin Family Manor.”
“The Lin family is a family of medicine, and the old man of the Lin family is superb in medical skills.”
“Back then, I was suddenly ill. If it weren’t for the old man of the Lin family to rescue me at a critical moment, I’m afraid Xue Renyang would have already returned to the loess.”
Xue Renyang talked about old things while taking Ye Fan into the manor.
In the manor, the environment is quiet, and an artificial lake has been built in the courtyard.
On the lake, blue waves are rippling, and koi swims.
In the center of the lake, there is an elegant lake center pavilion.
If you look carefully, you will definitely see a few people sitting in the lake pavilion, sipping tea and enjoying the scenery.
It’s totally a pleasant and relaxing scene.
However, to be so comfortable and leisurely in this golden city of Yanjing, there is no one else except the heads of the wealthy family.
“Old Xue, are you here yet?”
“Come to Bibo Lake.”
“I will send someone to pick you up.”
On the phone, a middle-aged man’s deep laughter came.
Soon, the butler of the Lin family walked along the lake promenade to the shore.
After seeing Xue Renyang, he immediately bowed respectfully: “Old Xue, please here.”
“it is good!”
Xue Renyang nodded.
Afterwards, Ye Fan and the others walked along the long corridor on the lake towards the long pavilion above the lake.

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