A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 934

Lin Feng and the others didn’t care about a brat, or a turtle from a third-tier town.
I didn’t even look at it directly.
“It was 300,000 in vain, Mr. Chu, it’s easy for you to make money.” Zhao Si on the side also smiled, as if he had given Ye Fan so much favor.
When he heard this, Ye Fan, who had been silent for a long time, laughed.
The laughter was ironic and chilly, making Lin Feng and the others extremely unhappy.
“We give you 300,000 for nothing, are you still not happy?” Zhao Si said coldly.
“Three hundred thousand?”
“Mr. Lin, you really are such a big hand!”
“But it’s a pity that I, Ye Fan, are lighthearted. I can’t afford your huge sum of money.”
Ye Fan sneered, and then suddenly got up, furiously blowing away.
Please Yao Baisheng three hundred million, and he only three hundred thousand.
what is this?
How about sending a beggar?
This is undoubtedly a humiliation!
It is a naked humiliation and contempt for Ye Fan!
In that case, why should Ye Fan stay?
Put a hot face on someone’s cold ass?
Sorry, Ye Fan is not so cheap!
“Mr. Chu, don’t leave.”
“This is a misunderstanding, listen to me to explain.”
Seeing Ye Fan leaving the table angrily, Xue Renyang’s old face suddenly became pale, and he quickly got up in fear and stepped forward to stop him.
Seeing that Ye Fan was somewhat bloody, Lin Feng took a sip of his tea, then raised his head and looked at the young man in front of him who was held by Xue Renyang, and said lightly: “Mr. Chu, we don’t mean to look down on you.”
“It’s just that no one’s money comes from the wind.”
“It’s not impossible for us to invite you for three hundred million.”
“But you, as we prove, you have the ability to be worth three hundred million yuan.”
“Well, if you don’t think you are less than 300,000 yuan, you will play two tricks in front of us. Let us see how much you are capable and worth?”
Lin Feng spoke slowly, but his high voice was full of arrogance.
Ye Fan stopped immediately. He turned his back to Lin Feng and the others and sneered.
“A group of people with eyes and no beads, let me prove it to you?”
“Do you think you are worthy?”
Ye Fan sneered, and there was endless chill and majesty in those harsh words.
“Underground boxing match, I will participate.”
“However, it has nothing to do with your Longyang Martial Arts Hall!”
Low-pitched words, only if thunder exploded.
In an instant, a gust of wind swept across.
The surface of the Bibo Lake immediately caused three thousand waves. At that moment, Lin Feng, Zhao Si and others were panicked.
For some reason, they only felt that what stood in front of them at this moment was not a thin man, but a majestic mountain.
After waiting for a long time, Lin Feng and others just got over.
“Mr. Chu, don’t go, listen to my explanation…”
At this time, Ye Fan had already gone, and Xue Renyang had to chase after him. But Zhao Si grabbed him.
“Old Xue, don’t stop him, let him go!”
“It’s just a nasty bastard. Three hundred thousand is not too small?”
“It really gave him a face!”
“If it weren’t for your face, I wouldn’t be too much to ask him for three cents.”
“The person is not big, but the backbone is not small.”
“Dare to scold us for having no eyes?”
“It’s just a foolish fool!”
“We can’t get used to such arrogant children!”
“We’re not his father~”
“And, just like his bear, he still participates in boxing matches?”
“It doesn’t matter if you participate in the competition, let Master Yao punch him to death by then, and you should take revenge for your son, Mr. Xue!”
Zhao Si cursed coldly, and Ye Fan’s offense to them just now undoubtedly made Zhao Si and the others extremely unhappy.

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