A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 938

“What does Master Yao mean?”
Zhao Si and Lin Feng were slightly taken aback, but they asked in confusion.
Yao Baisheng didn’t speak, he just sat on the stone bench, held up the tea in front of him, and drank a full glass before he replied proudly, “My meaning is very simple.”
“These people you are talking about are not worth mentioning in my eyes!”
“I can say without exaggeration that these people, as far as I’m concerned, are just terracotta dogs that can be smashed with one punch.”
“If the opponents in this boxing match are just these people.”
“Then Lin Dong, you should be prepared for a complete victory.”
Yao Baisheng’s words were loud and domineering.
Lin Feng and Zhao Si laughed immediately.
“With Master Yao’s words, the fourth child and I are relieved.”
Lin Feng laughed excitedly.
“By the way, Master Yao, you are a master of martial arts. We are very good at martial arts masters in China. You should know a lot. I don’t know, have you ever heard that there is a kung fu master named Chu in Jiangdong
Home? ”
“Jiangdong? Surnamed Chu?” Yao Baisheng frowned, and then immediately shook his head, “Jiangdong is nowhere near the bleak land of martial arts.
There has never been a martial arts master. ”
“As for the person surnamed Chu, what kind of rubbish is that? I have never heard of it.”
Hearing this, Lin Feng and Zhao Si looked at each other. Although they didn’t say anything, they were extremely grateful in their hearts.
He was almost cheated by Xue Renyang’s old man again.
It’s just a little nameless pawn, he has the face to recommend it to them?
Are they really idiots?
I was scammed last time, but will I believe you this time?
In fact, as early as a few days ago, the three families of Xue family, Zhao family, and Lin family had already discussed the candidates for this boxing match.
At that time, the Xue family strongly recommended a big son named “Tongshan” to play in Longyang Wuguan.
Lin Feng and Zhao Si two people saw that Xue family strongly recommended it, and they also saw that Tongshan was tall and strong, so they agreed.
But who would have thought that Copper Mountain is a waste.
Before the boxing match started, he met the culprits and was cut to death.
Later, he was so scared that he fled Yanjing directly.
It was precisely because of this incident that Lin Feng and Zhao Si had already criticized the Xue family. Now that Xue Renyang recommends an unknown hairy boy, Lin Feng and the others will naturally not agree
Now that Master Yao can do so, Lin Feng and Zhao Si are even more convinced that their decision to drive Ye Fan away just now is so wise.
“That old idiot Xue Renyang turned us over for a stinky boy?”
“Wait, he regrets over the boxing match.”
Zhao Si and Lin Feng were very proud of themselves.
After that, the two did not stay with Yao Baisheng for too long, so they immediately went back to collect money.
Three hundred million is definitely a sky-high price for ordinary people.
Even if they are such Yanjing upstarts, it will definitely take some time to get them together.
Before, Zhao Si and Lin Feng planned to have one hundred million for each family.
However, Xue Renyang’s old thing was arrogant, and there was no way. Zhao Si and the others could only contribute 50 million more each.
“Patriarch, the money we can raise in a short time now is only 100 million.”
“No matter how much, I can only sell some assets such as stock funds, but if the money arrives, I am afraid it will have to wait a day or two.”
In the room, the butler of the Lin family said to Lin Feng with a worried face.

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