A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 941

Xujia Manor, a luxury car drove slowly, and finally stopped in front of the Xujia hall.
The door of the car opened, and a middle-aged man stepped out of the car with dignity.
After getting off the car, the middle-aged man immediately made a call.
“Feng Fei, summon all the senior members of the Xu family’s family to discuss matters in the hall.”
Low-pitched words sounded quietly in the dark night.
A few minutes later, the Xu family hall.
After being summoned, many people arrived one after another.
Even the high-level Xu family who were socializing outside, all drove back to the family.
“Second brother, you are back.”
“How did you arrive earlier?”
“Say hello soon, so we can pick you up at the airport?”
When Xu Fengfei saw the man in front of him, he immediately greeted him, and his words were somewhat respectful.
Xu Fengfei, the second person in the Xu family, could be so polite, and the middle-aged man in front of him is naturally the head of the Xu family, Xu Fengliang.
“You don’t need to say more if you are polite.”
“All take a seat first.”
Xu Fengliang waved his hand, and then the whole hall immediately became quiet.
“Meifeng, what I asked you to investigate about Ye Fan’s family background, can you complete the investigation?”
After taking the seat, Xu Fengliang immediately got to the point and asked his daughter, Xu Meifeng.
Xu Meifeng nodded: “Dad, I have investigated everything clearly.”
“Read.” Xu Fengliang said solemnly.
“Ye Fan, from Yunzhou City, Jiangdong Province.”
“Born in the country, my mother is a farmer.”
“After entering Zhuqiu’s house, he became the son-in-law.”
“The Qiu family is a third-rate family in Yunzhou City, with total assets of about 10 million yuan.”
“His wife, Qiu Mucheng, is currently the president of Mufan Real Estate.”
“As for the Mufan Real Estate, it was founded with the help of Xu Lei. It’s just a small business.”
Xu Meifeng lowered her head and said, her low voice echoed throughout the hall.
And after hearing Ye Fan’s details, the entire Xu Family Hall suddenly booed.
Obviously, they didn’t expect Ye Fan to be so unbearable!
Still a son-in-law from the country?
“Hey, my family is unfortunate!”
“It’s not good to find someone, but to find a married man to be a junior, the key is still a son-in-law.”
“It’s a great shame for my Xu family to come out of such descendants!”
At this time, many people in the Xu family were very angry and only felt ashamed.
Xu Fengfei’s expression was also ugly. He had heard the Xue family say that Ye Fan was the son-in-law at the Wolong Hotel before.
But Xu Fengfei didn’t dare to be very sure. After all, he knew his niece, a woman so proud like Xu Lei, how could he fall in love with a poor son-in-law?
But now, the news that Xu Meifeng found out is the same.
With this mutual confirmation, Xu Fengfei couldn’t help but believe it.
“Anything else, that’s all?”
When everyone in the Xu family was angry, Xu Fengliang was expressionless and asked Xu Meifeng again.
Xu Meifeng nodded and said, “Dad, that’s all.”
“I have almost checked Ye Fan’s background.”
“I haven’t had a father since I was a child. My mother is a farmer. Grandma and grandfather are squires in the town. They have some reputation in the local township, but they are also a group of turtles and can’t get on stage.”
“As for Ye Fan’s Qiu family, in small places like Yunzhou, it’s just a third-rate family, so it’s not to be feared.”
“Therefore, Ye Fan is just a wimp from the countryside.”
“I don’t know that my sister Xu Lei’s string was wrong, so she would fall in love with this kind of stuff, she really doesn’t respect herself.”

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