A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 948

“it is good!”
“Since Mr. Hua has such courage, Xu Fengliang, I gave up my life to be with the gentleman.
“Tonight, at the Golden Dragon Hotel, we will have a banquet for 300 seats, just wait for Mr. Hua, the king to return!”
Xu Fengliang laughed loudly, facing Hua Yinglong, holding his fist and respecting.
As Xu Fengliang’s words fell, behind him, everyone in the Xu family bowed their heads, and shouted in respect: “Mr. Zhuhua, win the victory, the king is back!”
“Mr. Zhuhua, the victory is on, the king is back~”
All the people in the Xu family worshipped.
The voices of respect and words of respect converge in a stream, impacting the entire world.
Then, in this soaring torrent, Xu Fengliang and Hua Yinglong took a special car and drove away from the gate of Xu’s house.
Toward the foot of Yanshan Mountain, galloping away.
Behind him, only the Xu family remained, and the respect echoed!
In this boxing match, only Xu Fengliang was accompanied by the senior Xu family.
Xu Meifeng and Xu Fengfei are the left-behind family, preparing for the evening, the king’s feast!
This time, Hua Yinglong was ordered to come to integrate the Yanjing forces for Chu Qitian and become the king of Yanjing.
Looking at his posture, he is preparing to be the king in front of the powerful and powerful at the celebration dinner tonight after the end of today’s boxing match!
at the same time.
In the Xue family.
Xue Renyang led the Xue family and waited respectfully.
In front of them, there was a thin figure standing lightly. Xu Lei stood by in an elegant long skirt with a delicate body.
“Mr. Chu, it’s time to go.”
The breeze whispered, Xue Renyang’s body was slightly bent, but he respectfully worshipped.
“Well, let’s go.”
Ye Fan nodded and responded faintly.
Later, Ye Fan took Xu Lei with him and got in the car heading to Yanshan.
“The venue of the Yanjing Boxing Competition is on a cruise ship in Yanqi Lake at the foot of Yanshan Mountain.”
“At this time of the year, the strong men invited by the various forces will gather on the shore of Yanqi Lake to fight each other.”
“But Mr. Chu, the boxing match will not be held in the afternoon.”
“At this time in the morning, you can accompany Miss Xu to stroll around.”
“This Yanqi Lake Scenic Area is a national 5A-level Jingzhou. The supporting recreational facilities are also complete. In addition to Yanqi Lake, there are also snack vendors around the scenic area, which attracts a large number of tourists every year.”
At this time, Ye Fan and the others had already reached the foot of Yanshan Mountain.
At this time, it was too early for the boxing match, Xue Renyang thoughtfully let Ye Fan off for a long time, letting Ye Fan and Xu Lei go out to relax.
“Here is a place where the mountains and rivers are beautiful and the wild geese inhabit. You will also pick a place.”
Ye Fan looked at the surrounding mountains of Pinghu, with cascading mountains in the distance, and vast blue waves in front of him. In such a prosperous and fertile place like Yanjing, it is really a rare paradise.
It is worthy of being Yanjing’s nobleman, just exquisite.
Even if you make an appointment, choose this beautiful place.
Moreover, the boxing match was actually held in the Yanqi Lake cruise ship.
I don’t know, I thought these powerful tycoons were taking a leisurely vacation.
“However, this method is also really good. Holding a boxing match on a cruise ship can also deceive people.”
After all, it’s an underground boxing match. You can’t get on stage. Naturally, you don’t want to attract too much attention.
Ye Fan smiled faintly, and then got out of the car and took Xu Lei to this scenic spot.
“Mr. Chu, although the lady is good, don’t forget the time.”
Behind him, Xue Renyang’s reminder sounded.
Xu Lei listened, but she lowered her head blushing.
Ye Fan didn’t think too much, just waved his hand at him to let him rest assured.

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