A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 950

No woman is willing to admit that her beauty is inferior to others, and Guo Yawen is naturally the same.
That year’s beauty contest, in fact, the blow to Guo Yawen was undoubtedly huge.
At that time, she was extremely confident that she was the most beautiful in the finance department.
But the reality is that she slapped her in the face severely, and Xu Lei had all the limelight that belonged to her. The reputation of the financial department also fell on Xu Lei.
If Guo Yawen says that she is not jealous, it is undoubtedly impossible!
“That is, those of your classmates did not have long eyes when they were appointed.”
“My wife’s talent is amazing, how could she be left behind?” The middle-aged man Lei Dongbao said triumphantly, and he stretched out his hand to embrace Guo Yawen’s slender waist while speaking. That arrogant look, as if the greatest pride of my life is to marry a flowery wife like Guo Yawen.
Seeing the crooked look of the couple in front of them, Meng Han shook his head and gave a bitter smile.
“When you two are in love, can you consider my feeling as a single dog.”
Meng Han said with a smile, then turned his head and stopped looking at the crooked two people, and looked forward again.
“Wenwen, take a look again at 7176071e, it really looks like Xu Lei.”
“Impossible. Xu Lei is probably still busy making money, so how can I come here?” Guo Yawen still didn’t believe it.
However, Meng Han ignored Guo Yawen’s words, went up and tried to shout.
“Xu Lei?”
“Huh?” Xu Lei, who was walking with Ye Fan, was undoubtedly surprised when she heard someone calling herself. She looked back, “Meng Han?”
“Xiao Lei, it’s really you.”
“I said it was you, Wenwen still doesn’t believe it.”
“Wenwen, come here, it’s Xiaolei.”
When the old classmates met, Meng Han was undoubtedly extremely excited, and hurriedly called Guo Yawen and Lei Dongbao and his wife to come together.
Guo Yawen frowned without a trace, “I actually met her.”
“Wenwen, let’s go, I want to see, what does this woman who robbed my wife of the limelight look like?”
In this way, Lei Dongbao and his wife also greeted them.
Today’s Xu Lei is wearing a black slim dress with a goose yellow jacket and flesh-colored leggings underneath.
The clover earrings swayed in the wind, and the simple and elegant dress made Xu Lei’s whole personality more noble and elegant.
The stunning face of the allure made Xu Lei the focus of attention wherever he went.
The moment Lei Dongbao saw Xu Lei, Lei Dongbao’s eyes looked straight.
He didn’t expect that his wife’s classmates would also be born so dazzling.
“It’s worthy of being the one who forced his wife to become a flower, and it is truly stunning in the world.”
Lei Dongbao sighed secretly.
However, Guo Yawen walked up with a smile and said enthusiastically: “Xiao Lei, I didn’t expect that I would meet you here.”
“Didn’t you go to work in that third-tier town in Yunzhou?”
“It’s not New Year’s Day. Why do you have time to come to Yanjing to play?”
In order to find Ye Fan, Xu Lei gave up the opportunity to recommend to Yanjing University and chose Jiangdong University instead.
Xu Lei was a low-key student when she was a student, and she never paid attention to luxury brands in her dress, and never talked about her family situation to outsiders.
Therefore, in the impression of Guo Yawen and Meng Han, Xu Lei’s is the kind of child from an ordinary working family. After graduation, he went to a third-tier town like Yunzhou to find a job, and then they had little contact.
And Guo Yawen and Meng Han left Jiangdong after graduation and went to the big city to work hard, so naturally they didn’t know the identity of Xu Lei and the daughter of Xu’s family, let alone Xu Lei had established the Hongqi Group and became the goddess of Yunzhou!

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