A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 952

Xu Lei’s pretty face blushed immediately, and she explained again and again: “Meng Han, don’t talk nonsense…”
But it’s okay if Xu Lei doesn’t explain, this explanation is getting darker and darker.
“Okay, our Xiao Lei is thin-skinned, shy, and doesn’t intercede with her brother. He said that her boyfriend is headed?” When Meng Han and Xu Lei were on the upper and lower bunks in college, they had the best relationship in the dormitory.
So there is no scruples when joking.
It’s just that poor Xu Lei, who was teased, turned her pretty face into a peach.
However, Guo Yawen was undoubtedly very surprised when he saw Xu Lei’s appearance.
She didn’t expect Xu Lei to find such a boyfriend?
Looking at Ye Fan’s clothes, he was very vulgar, and he was wearing a pair of Hongxing Erke sneakers.
Guo Yawen knows this brand of shoes best, the favorite of those who didn’t have money in their school days.
After all, you can buy a pair for 100 yuan, and you can wear it for a long time. The quality is cheap, and those poor students naturally like it.
But in Guo Yawen’s eyes, b8621148 is undoubtedly a symbol of diaosi. Remember to read in one second
In fact, as far as Guo Yawen is concerned, as long as it is not a big international brand, it is undoubtedly invisible to her.
However, aside from surprise, Guo Yawen felt more proud of her.
I wonder how Xu Lei looks good, what about flowers?
In the end it was not a flower stuck in the cow dung.
In the future, she is destined to be trampled by her Guo Yawen for a lifetime!
Thinking of this, the arrogance and pride on Guo Yawen’s face are undoubtedly more obvious, and the sense of superiority in her heart is also stronger.
“Xiao Lei, looking at your appearance, you should also be ready to go boating on Yanqi Lake.”
“But you don’t know yet, Yanqi Lake is closed today.”
“It is said that because a boxing match will be held in the middle of the lake in the afternoon, the entire Yanqi Lake has been cleared.”
“It’s impossible for ordinary people to think of playing on the lake.”
“Only some of Yanjing’s top rich and powerful people have the opportunity to board the ship to watch the battle.”
But what Xu Lei looked like fell into the eyes of Guo Yawen, but was mistaken for surprise.
“Xiao Lei, nothing to be surprised.”
“These things are normal if you don’t know them.”
“After all, news from the upper-class circles is only circulated among the upper-class circles. Ordinary people like you naturally don’t know.”
“But you don’t have to be discouraged. My husband has a wide network of contacts in Yanjing. If this call is made, the rich and powerful will also sell my husband a bit of face.”
“It’s not difficult to get you two tickets to board the ship.”
“If you love your brother, just wait with peace of mind. In the afternoon, you can get on the boat with us.”
Guo Yawen spoke slowly in a calm tone, as if she had done such a trivial thing.
“Yes, Xiao Lei.”
“Wenwen’s husband is very good. The ticket for my boarding in the afternoon was obtained by her husband.”
“Now that Wenwen has said naturally, then you two can just wait with peace of mind.”
Meng Han immediately agreed with a smile.
Then he suggested that they go to the commercial towns outside the scenic area together.
“Boarding was in the afternoon, and it is very early now.”
“Xiao Lei, just go with us.”
“The town next to Yanqi Lake is very lively.”
Meng Han’s warm invitation.
Xu Lei did not answer, but just glanced at Ye Fan beside her, with a look of expectation in her eyebrows.
Obviously Xu Lei also wanted to go shopping in the nearby town.
Seeing this, Ye Fan smiled and nodded: “If you want to go, then let’s go together.”

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