A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 953

About one kilometer east of Yanqi Lake, there is a commercial town with a Western European style.
The marble-paved paths and the Gothic buildings make you feel unique and exotic.
There are many shops and tourists in the surrounding area.
Xu Lei, Meng Han and their old friends met again. At this time, they talked and laughed, or talked about old things in the year, or talked about the fortunes of classmates they knew, and occasionally stopped to admire them in front of a certain merchant.
Ye Fan and Lei Dongbao followed quietly behind them.
He is the boss of the company, Lei Dongbao thought that Ye Fan from this small place would take the initiative to get close to him.
But what surprised Lei Dongbao was that Ye Fan didn’t even care about him along the way.
His eyes were either on the surrounding scenery or Xu Lei.
But he didn’t even look at Lei Dongbao.
“This kid, he is not very old, but he is very proud.”
The appearance of Ye Fan undoubtedly made Lei Dongbao a little unhappy.
Finally, Lei Dongbao couldn’t help it, snorted, and asked Ye Fan who was aside: “Brother, where is the highest place?”
“It must be young and promising to find such a beautiful girlfriend?”
Ye Fan shook his head: “I can’t talk about Gao, so I just do something I like to do. If I have to say it, I can only say that I am an unemployed vagrant who pursues his dream.”
Ye Fan seemed to be joking.
But what Ye Fan said was true.
In the eyes of ordinary people, Ye Fan is indeed just an unemployed vagrant, a wasteful eating soft food at home.
However, who knows that under Ye Fan’s seemingly calm appearance, he has been planning a magnificent career for his pursuit and goals.
“Brother, you really know how to joke.”
“Can a vagrant get a school flower?”
“If it really is, then I’m afraid the brothers are less wealthy.”
Lei Dongbao said without a smile.
Ye Fan still shook his head: “Mr Lei joked, my mother is just a simple working people in a small country town.”
“Really?” Hearing this, Lei Dongbao’s heart was undoubtedly getting more unhappy. Although he was still polite, his tone was obviously a little colder, “If Brother Ye doesn’t want to say it, just say it. Why make up some unbearable identities to fool me?”
Lei Dongbao didn’t even believe the punctuation marks about the nonsense that Ye Fan said just now.
Doesn’t he think that a beautiful woman like Xu Lei will fall in love with a vagrant or a country boy?
Nowadays, women can be more sophisticated, especially those beautiful women, who can climb up vigorously and gain power and wealth by relying on how many fdaa37c6 looks.
Guo Yawen is undoubtedly this.
The two of them seemed affectionate, but Lei Dongbao knew very well that Guo Yawen was only interested in his money.
Otherwise, how could Guo Yawen leave her young little white face to not marry, and instead marry him, an old man who is a dozen years older than her.
And Xu Lei, regardless of temperament or beauty, is better than Guo Yawen. If Xu Lei doesn’t dislike him, Lei Dongbao kicks Guo Yawen and marries her again.
This kind of woman, looking for a rich second generation, is undoubtedly more than enough to marry a rich family.
Therefore, Lei Dongbao naturally did not believe that Ye Fan would have said what he said, so unbearable.
When Ye Fan saw this, he spread his hands: “If you don’t believe it, there is no way.”
At this time, Xu Lei and the others seemed to be tired from walking, so they found a cafe and sat down.
Guo Yawen sat leaning on Lei Dongbao, and Xu Lei naturally leaned on Ye Fan. Only Meng Han was sitting alone.

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