A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 961

Two hundred and five?
When Ye Fan said this, Guo Yawen and his wife turned black at the time.
The smile on his face immediately disappeared, and Lei Dongbao was even more angry and stood up directly after he slapped the table.
“Boy, are you looking for something?”
“I’m so poor that I can’t afford a watch, so call me two hundred and five?”
“Wenwen, what kind of classmate are you, if you find a man, look for such a villain?”
Lei Dongbao was undoubtedly mad, full of anger.
He didn’t expect that Ye Fan would dare to scold him if he was a poor dick?
Guo Yawen was equally angry, and finally stared at Xu Lei: “Xu Lei, just sit there and watch?”
“You don’t care about your bastard boyfriend?”
“I’m telling you, it’s up to your face, otherwise, if others offend us so much, my husband would have let him take care of him!”
Ye Fan found faults one after another, and Lei Dongbao and his wife were of course angry.
Seeing the contradiction growing, Meng Han immediately persuaded, “Wenwen, don’t be angry with Xiaolei.”
“It’s Ye Fan who has nothing to do with Xiao Lei.”
“Xiao Lei, why don’t you persuade your boyfriend to quickly apologize to Wenwen.”
“If you can’t afford a watch, there is no need to say that it is two hundred and five.”
Meng Han urged Xu Lei to reprimand Ye Fan.
“I think you have misunderstood.”
“Two hundred and five, I mean the value of that watch.”
“Just now, Mr. Lei said it was a Rolex, which was worth one million. If that’s the case, it looks like Mr. Lei has bought another high imitation fake.” Ye Fan explained again.
“Fuck Nima shit!”
“You are the fake, your whole family is fake!”
As soon as Ye Fan’s words fell, Lei Dongbao exploded.
A pair of tiger eyes widened, and the veins violently violently. Seeing that, he was about to get up and beat Ye Fan.
After all, this Ye Fan deceived too much.
Just now they said that their bag was fake, and now he said that his watch is also fake.
In the next step, does it mean that the underwear he is wearing is also fake?
Isn’t this clearly directed at him?
This normal person, who can bear it!
Upon seeing this, Meng Han hurried over to hold Lei Dongbao, and at the same time looked anxiously at Guo Yawen.
“Wenwen, please persuade your husband, even if Ye Fan is too much, he still can’t do it!”
“All classmates.”
“There is no need to get froze over a small matter.”
“And you, are you addicted to playing?”
“Just now the blind cat ran into a dead mouse and asked you to guess the authenticity of Wenwen’s bag. Now you say that the watch is fake?”
“You are the sour grape psychology. If you can’t get it, people can get it, so grapes are sour.”
“If you can’t afford something you can afford, you will say that what they bought is fake.”
“Sure enough, poor mountains and bad waters sprout the people.”
“People from small places have dirty hearts.”
“I’m talking nonsense here, don’t hesitate to apologize to Wenwen and the others!”
While comforting Guo Yawen and Lei Dongbao, Meng Han looked at Ye Fan with disdain and angered coldly.
To Ye Fan, Meng Han obviously didn’t have too much respect for Lei Dongbao.
After all, Lei Dongbao is a big boss, he has status and status, and he has to watch the boxing match on the Guangdeng cruise ship in the afternoon, so Meng Han of course pays respect to Lei Dongbao and his wife.
And what is Ye Fan?
There is only one poor dick. In this society, if there is no money, there is no status. Who will pay attention? Who cares?
Therefore, Meng Han’s remarks naturally did not care about Ye Fan’s face and did not have any politeness.
Let Ye Fan apologize directly!

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